Black Gold Shines Part 2

Last night, I was lucky enough to catch Black Gold‘s New Orleans appearance with Rooney and Young Veins. It kind of all came together when their label, Red Bull Records, saw all of our talk here on the site and asked if I’d like to meet the band and catch the show.

So, even though I had to be at work this morning at 6:30 a.m. (!) I ventured out to hang with Black Gold and I did not regret it.

Nick, Black Gold’s tour manager, introduced me to lead singer Eric Ronick and even though we’d only just met a few minutes before, we had no trouble being incredibly silly together in this video interview. Forgive all my giggling. It’s Eric’s fault.

The video’s very dark, but I think it does a good job of showing what the venue was like – moody black and red lighting. Just pretend you’re sitting cozy on a leather couch in the merchandise section with Eric like I was last night.

My first experience with bassist Kerry Wayne-James is recorded in the middle of my interview with Eric. A few minutes after this recording, I met percussionist/guitarist/vocalist/song writer Than Luu, though our meeting was regrettably not recorded. It was epic, let me tell you. (I didn’t meet the last band member, Alastair Paxton, till after the show.) After chatting with Eric and Than for a few minutes (during which, they gave me a cd and a t-shirt!), the guys had to make their way to the stage for their performance.

And that brings us to the end of Part 2. Stay tuned!! More surprises later!

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