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SYTYCD S7 Top 8 Results Thoughts

Where do I start? I can’t even pretend not to be heartbroken about the elimination this week, so I’m not going to even try.

Courtney G.’s tweet says it all:

Courtney Galiano courtneyg612

Alex Wong 🙁 29 minutes ago via UberTwitter

-First, a positive. Some of the clips of last night’s performances reminded me of some stuff I loved but didn’t mention in my Performance Thoughts/Power Rankings post. Like the way Lauren lay back slooooowly against Pasha at the end of their cha cha. She seemed relieved. It was a very sweet moment. All of the little moments between the partners before and after their routines were adorable. I looooved Ashley/Robert’s where she kissed his cheek and he fell down from the “kiss of death” aka quickstep. I dub Ashley the Chemistry Queen since she works it out with all her partners. 🙂 Though I thought Robert was well-suited for the Sean Cheesman with Kathryn, I kinda wondered what it would be like if Mark were dancing the routine with her. Oh, and the other point I meant to make last night is that my visiting dancing friend said that Billy wasn’t so much a jaguar in his routine with Jose – but rather a spider monkey. 🙂

On to tonight’s show.

-I wasn’t sure how I felt about that Top 8 Group Routine. I liked that it had a lot of slow, sustained movement. I was annoyed by some of the theatrics of it. And confused to why Ade was in it, till tammi reminded me Alex was sitting out (I think I’d blocked it out).

-There was lots of Emmy talk during which Adam gave some Blue Steel. Nobody mentions how Cat was ROBBED. She’s the best presenter around.

-I was SHOCKED that one of the first two dancers was in the Bottom 3. It seemed a bit quick considering we were only looking for two more dancers. And Billy had a decent night. But I guess all that Jose v. Adechike debate resulted in some major votes.

-I’m getting ahead of myself. The rest of the five dancers were brought out. WHY did they do it this way? Why didn’t they do four and three? Why two and five? I just don’t get it.

-Kent’s safe. They don’t even tease. He went and jumped on Lauren in the safe box.

-Wow, Jose is safe. AND Robert. I’m relieved, but very weirded out. And my Bottom 3 is waaay messed up.

-Commercial for “Standing Ovation,” which I admit I want to see. AND “Step Up 3D,” of course. I saw the trailer recently at the movies.

-Back to the weirdness. Ashley and Adechike are the only two left. Adechike is standing very far away from Ashley and is in a completely different place from her. As a human being, yeah I can get why he’d maybe have to zone out. But I was soo disgusted with how isolated he was – as I have been disgusted. I’m finally figuring it out. He is completely unconnected from the other dancers and often the audience. Which read, on t.v., in my opinion, as if he’s only worried about himself. I get that this is important to him. But what I think it’s done is it’s shut him off from learning *anything* from *anyone*, including the choreographers, the judges and the other dancers. He’s not growing and he’s not pushing his energy out. He is so locked down.

-Ashley’s in the Bottom 3 and not Adechike. I officially hate Top 8 elimination nights.

-My case re Adechike was demonstrated completely (imo) when you could see that Cat was pressing her cheek to Adechike’s to comfort him and he was so stiff and unresponsive. It’s like he wasn’t even there. Unfortunately, it feels like he’s not even there, spirit-wise, when he dances as well.

-It was nice to see Anya and Pasha dance together and Cat cracked me up when she said, “Could you be any hotter?”

-I’m gonna get ragged by this, but I enjoyed the In the Heights dancers a’riiight, but wasn’t overly enthused. It was cool that they were singing and dancing in true Broadway form, though.

-Both Billy and Ashley recycled solos, but they were both VERY strong, which was good to see. Both utilized music that’s been really popular on our site.

-LOVED watching Natasha Bedingfield with the All-Stars. Best part of the night, for me. I just bet it was nice for Cat to hug on someone almost the same height as her.

-Nigel explains the results of Alex’s MRI. But I was 100% positive he was leaving when he didn’t dance a solo. I’m amazed and somewhat soothed that Alex has been invited back for the next season. I’m so glad – but it’s gonna be soooo hard on that season’s contestants. Think Billy Bell’s favored status at the beginning of Season 7 multiplied by about 1,000.

-But, the good news is that Ashley and Billy are safe. They NEVER should have been in the Bottom 3 this week. I’m fairly certain that Adechike is going next week – there’s gonna be some backlash, if the comments here on the site are anything to go by.

-I’m gonna go on the record with what I just told Marianya, even though I may be way wrong. Elimination predictions for the rest of S7: Top 7 – Adechike, Top 6 – Jose, Top 5 – Robert [Jose & Robert may be switched], Top 4 = Billy, Ashley, Lauren and Kent. There you go. Let’s see what happens.

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SYTYCD S7 Top 8 Results Music

Last week, we all knew Melinda was going home. However we felt about that aside, there was a relative comfort in the certainty. Tonight is nerve-wracking. I kinda wish they’d just tell us at the beginning and then let us enjoy a bunch of performances. But you know they’re not gonna. Sigh…

Top 8 Group Routine
Choreographer: Mia Michaels
Song: Sting’s “When We Dance” – When

All-Star Performance
Dancers: Anya Garnis and Pasha Kovalev
Song: Mighty Dub Katz’s “Magic Carpet Ride (No Comprende Edit)” – Magic

Professional Performance
Choreographer: Andy Blankenbuehler
Dancers: Cast of “In the Heights”
Song: “96,000” ft. Lin-Manuel Miranda – 96,000

Musical Performance: Natasha Bedingfield’s “Touch” – Touch Backed by our All-Stars: Neil, Dominic, Mark, Ade, Comfort, Courtney, Lauren and Kathryn.

And a spoiler line for the solos, just in case…
Read more..

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SYTYCD S7 Top 8 Results Discussion

Somehow, I think y’all still have stuff to get off your chests and that there may be even more to discuss during tonight’s episode. Well, here’s your forum. Go for it!!

[I’m re-watching Adechike’s Bollywood before the show starts and I’m SO PROUD of Cat. I will definitely understand if fans rally for Adechike tonight because there was a lot of weird energy coming at him from that judging panel. I happen to agree with everything they said – no, he didn’t dance the routine as well as he could have, yes it felt African (which was actually one of my favorite aspects of it), yes I was really missing Alex during the routine – but I felt there was a LOT of bad/weird energy from the judges toward Adechike.]

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SYTYCD S7 Top 8 Performance Thoughts/Power Rankings

I don’t know why I’m surprised that predicting the Bottom 3 isn’t getting any easier or that it’s only getting harder to lose these dancers. But I am. Still, every week, I continue to be amazed at how hard this is and how much harder it’s getting.

Even though I had one of the Bottom 3 handed to me, I am NOT happy about putting his name there, fyi. I hope Alex can stay on the show, but I think we all agree the important thing is that he gets healthy for his long-term career.

And here we go…

Top Three

Kent – I’d probably put Lauren in #1 spot, but her personality seems to annoy some people and Kent has TONS of fans, so #1 for him. His routines with Comfort and Lauren were both well-danced and fun. He had a very undramatic night and got lots of compliments on his “growth” and for dancing small (which mean he grew) rather than overlarge. In a very dramatic night, he made it through the fire unscathed and standing strong.

Lauren – She had an amazing (undramatic) night as well and danced excellently. I think her personality is polarizing – she tries for quirky and cute, but her comments come off to a lot of people as self-absorbed and cocky. However, I really enjoy her dancing and I think she is maturing in leaps in bounds. Her cha cha with Pasha was stellar – like, just the definition of sexy. She was like water dancing with him. I think she studied videos of Anya and Pasha dancing together to figure out how to match Pasha. And while her contemporary with Kent might not be the best we’ve ever seen on the show, it was very striking. I particularly loved that these two young, exuberant dancers were given a serious, beautiful routine and were able to dance it maturely.

Ashley – I’m loving her more each week. She had a great hip-hop with Dominic and while I know that the quickstep is supposed to doom dancers, I quite enjoyed hers with Robert. I liked the incongruence between the dance and the music. I thought it was edgy and enjoyable. I think she’s picking up steam fan-wise and that she had such a good routine with Dom that she’s probably safe. I think we’ve realized it’s time to start picking on some of the guys finally. Judging from the comments, two in particular.

Middle Three

Billy – Danced a solid Broadway with Katee. I enjoyed it and I agree that it’s some of his best dancing. Broadway fans, don’t tar and feather me for this, buuuut it seems like Broadway is like ballroom in that it is sometimes not dynamic for a large part of the audience. It was earlier in the evening and even with having Katee back, I think Billy’s first routine kinda got lost in the shuffle. His Afro-jazz with Adechike was underwhelming. It should’ve been great, but as it was, it was just underwhelming…

Robert – There’s a chance Robert might be in the Bottom 3 again and will go home (because he’s been there before). I’m putting him at the bottom of the middle because I’m hoping that’s NOT the case. I love Robert. There’s a lot of talk about whether the judges were trying to “save” him by coming down hard on Adechike instead of him but I thought they were unnecessarily hard on him and Ashely for their quickstep. Just because it’s gained a reputation DOES NOT mean we have to critique it as if it was bad when it was enjoyable. And I swear Nigel was pulling out technical points with the quickstep when he hadn’t really been all that technical with others (ahem, Jose and Adechike). I enjoyed the hell out of the jazz with Kathryn – I thought they were the perfect dancers for it. While watching it again, I could see some awkwardness, especially with lifts. The first time, I didn’t see any of it though because I was so charmed by the routine.

Bottom Three

Alex – From the tip-top last week after his amazing hip-hop with Twitch to the Bottom 3 this week. All because of an unlucky injury. Phewy to the new rules. I’d rather Alex go the chance to stay on the strength of just that bad-quality video clip we saw of him getting injured. I’d lose BOTH Jose and Adechike (sorry guys) just so he could stay one more week and potentially stay on the show. But, luck (new new rules) being what it is, he’s in the Bottom 3. Hopefully, we’ll get some dramatically good news that he’s alright to dance next week. But there’s a very good chance they’ll decide to let him heal and he’ll be leaving this week. In which case, a lot of hearts will break and FOX stands to lose some of its audience, judging by some of the comments. We <3 Alex, that’s clear.

Jose – I really enjoyed his contemporary with Lauren a lot and I thought he did a’riiite in the Afro-jazz with Billy. But…there’s been a lot of Jose v. Adechike debate back and forth and in the company of titans, his time is running up, in my opinion. I think he may very well be in danger this week. Whether he goes home or not depends entirely on Alex’s injury and whether there’s a backlash from the judges’ soft critique of him the last few weeks.

Adechike – Is my least favorite dancer. He’s shown the least growth in my opinion (which is NOT to say he isn’t a great dancer) and he dances with *any* partner like they’re inanimate props. He’s got to work that out and I don’t see any improvement on that so far. There were elements I liked to his jazz with Courtney (the middle section side-by-side on the floor), but that girl was working her ass off to show him to advantage. His Bollywood was fine, but I couldn’t help thinking that he should’ve been dancing the “girl’s” role with Alex instead of the masculine role with Nakul’s assistant Mara. I liked the “African element” that Mia noticed – which means that I agree with her that it was there but disagree that it was a bad thing.

I can’t predict who I think is going home tonight because the one who I think is most likely to leave us is one of my favorites and I There’s a good chance I have the other two wrong and Robert’s in danger. And I honestly can’t predict which was the “backlash/sympathy vote” will go if it’s between Jose and Adechike (my best case scenario). What do y’all think?

Some last thoughts before I go –

-Cat should win an Emmy for hosting this show. She’s a defender, an anti-bullshit monitor, cheeky and funny, all while looking gorgeous in dresses and heels. Yay for her calling the judges on their inconsistent comments, as many of you said in the comments.

-I was SO GLAD to see the contestants dance together. I loved the packages, especially Alex sitting behind Adechike and faking like he was going to attack him and Billy outting Jose’s obsession with Lauren G.’s behind. Lol. Soooo great. I think it really brought out a new element to this season. But what a week for Alex to be sitting out! I missed him so much (and I am not alone). Consider this. We had two routines with two male dancers dancing together last night, but they were both contestants in both cases whereas Alex had to dance male/male choreography with an All-Star and he totally rose to the occasion.

-Which brings me to ALEX WONG! Please, please, please don’t have a ruptured Achilles tendon. But, if it is ruptured, I will endeavor to deal with you leaving the show because I want you to have a LONG career. But gosh, how heartbreaking it was to see you hanging your head and tearing up, but mainly being stoic in the face of a lot of pain and doubt.

-I know Marianya and I got a bit carried away wondering what was going on with Ashley and Neil and it turns out they’re both just great at having chemistry with their partners. BUT, there IS something going on between Lauren and Kent. Anybody disagree? Seems obvious now, after his expression when she picked him out of the hat and their actual routine. Or should I say AFTER their routine. Marianya told me that she’s suspected for a long time now that the two of them are together or something. C’mon Marianya, back me up and expand on your theory in the comments. 🙂

-Nigel is a total perv (but Cat started it by referring to Lauren’s wardrobe mishap list week) and he’s annoying me. Mia is…I agree with her a lot, but it seems like she’s expressing herself in the most offensive way possible because she’s “strong” and “opinionated,” etc. Again, Cat totally made the show for me. All of her asides (“he just said he’s proud of you!”

-Ashley/Robert’s “dreaded Quickstep” TOTALLY reminded me of the Neil-Danny “2 princes” routine, and then Nigel mention it as well. I think it was even the same freaking chair and “sceptor of power,” though of course the choreography was different. Interesting.

-Comfort really has grown since her season. I was one of the haters who wasn’t sure she deserved the title “All-Star,” especially the first time having them back on the show. Same with Dom – he’s been impressing me with his routines, few though they are. It as great to have a bonus All-Star in Katee and have her back, though it sucked that Allison had to sit out cause I’m really loving seeing her dance. Pasha has such quiet strength and he’s so lovable!!! And my girls Lauren G., Kathryn and Courtney G. are so amazing! Sexy ladies! And strong! They’re three of my all-time favorite girls and I think they do a great job partnering the guys, but they’re also setting the gold standard for the two remaining girls. The All-Stars are such a wonderful element this season. I say once more – we should have a variety show in the fall with JUST alumni of the previous season and Cat emceeing. The judges can take a break (then we’ll miss them and be glad to have them back for the regular competition in the summer) and they can hold auditions for new contestants and a real tour in the hiatus.  C’mon, Nigel. We know you’re reading! You know my idea is good! Fall Variety show, summer competition show!

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Alex Wong Injured on SYTYCD – Poll – Will He Return?

I’m sure that everyone was a little bit shocked to see that Alex Wong was injured and couldn’t perform on last night’s episode of SYTYCD. Pretty crazy stuff and many unhappy Alex fans (including Mia it seems). According to the SYTYCD rules he’s automatically in the bottom 3 and will have to dance for his life tonight. Of course, the real question is whether he’ll even be able to dance for his life or whether his injury will take him out of the competition. What’s your prediction? Vote now:

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Just call me Charlie...but where are my angels?

So You Think You Can Dance Online Streams

Emilie previously posted about the episodes of SYTYCD that are not available to stream on That was very cool to see, but unfortunately it had no ability to embed the videos on this site. Or even better it had no option to be able to embed clips from the show on a site like this one.

The good news now is that the videos have now been made available on Hulu. That means we’ll be able to embed the SYTYCD episodes for everyone (in the US I believe) to watch on Pure SYTYCD. It looks like they’re going to be on a four day delay and only have 5 performance episodes and 5 results episodes available for streaming at a time.

There you have it. We’ll post the videos as they are posted.

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Just call me Charlie...but where are my angels?

2010 Emmy Award Nominations-Outstanding Choreography

So I thought I’d follow up my post from about a month ago talking about Emmy nods since they officially came out this morning. The nominating committee had an incredible group of dances to choose from from shows like SYTYCD, DWTS, and the Oscars, among others. So, straight from the Emmy website, here are the nominees:

82nd Annual Academy Awards-Routines: Opening Number/No One Wants to Do It Alone & Score Suite-ABC-Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Choreographer: Adam Shankman

Dancing with the Stars-Routines: Futuristic Paso Doble/Living On Video & Quickstep/Anything Goes-ABC-BBC-Worldwide Productions
Choreographer: Derek Hough

Dancing With The Stars-Routine: Paso Doble/Malaquena-ABC-BBC-Worldwide Productions
Choreographers: Chelsie Hightower and Derek Hough

So You Think You Can Dance-Routines: Gravity/Addiction & Koop Island Blues & One-Fox-Dick Clark Productions and 19 Entertainment
Choreographer: Mia Michaels

So You Think You Can Dance-Routine: Fear-Fox-Dick Clark Productions and 19 Entertainment
Choreographer: Stacey Tookey

So there we have it, 3 noms for alums/choreographers of SYTYCD. It looks like they changed up the nominating procedure this year, I can’t tell if Mia Michaels has 3 noms for her 3 different pieces from S5 or if they’re just one big nomination. Yay for Chelsie Hightower! If you guys haven’t seen the Paso she choreographed with Derek, you should check it out, it’s pretty awesome (embedded below)

I’m psyched to see they nominated Addiction (embedded below), very much deserved, but I’m a little iffy about the other 2. Gotta love the Butt Dance, but Travis deserved that nod for “If It Kills Me”. What about Napoleon and Tabitha/Dmitry for the awesome Calle Ocho routine (even though I’ve permanently banned that song b/c I heard it so many times). Fear (embedded below), Stacey Tookey’s piece, is the one she did in S6 W2 for Legacy and Kathryn, and while I love that one as well, I would have rather seen that one go to Dwight Rhoden and Desmond Richardson for the piece they did with Kathryn and Jakob in the finale, and partially because they got screwed out of a nod for “Imagine” in S4.

Fear-Kathryn and Legacy

Addiction-Kayla and Kupono (from the finale, Kayla danced her heart out just after being eliminated from the competition, the judges show her some major love)

Chelsie and Derek’s Paso (the guy in the middle on the guitar, Mark Ballas, was supposed to dance it with them but hurt his knee the night before, they had to rechoreograph the whole thing for the two of them)

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