SYTYCD S7 Top 8 Results Thoughts

Where do I start? I can’t even pretend not to be heartbroken about the elimination this week, so I’m not going to even try.

Courtney G.’s tweet says it all:

Courtney Galiano courtneyg612

Alex Wong 🙁 29 minutes ago via UberTwitter

-First, a positive. Some of the clips of last night’s performances reminded me of some stuff I loved but didn’t mention in my Performance Thoughts/Power Rankings post. Like the way Lauren lay back slooooowly against Pasha at the end of their cha cha. She seemed relieved. It was a very sweet moment. All of the little moments between the partners before and after their routines were adorable. I looooved Ashley/Robert’s where she kissed his cheek and he fell down from the “kiss of death” aka quickstep. I dub Ashley the Chemistry Queen since she works it out with all her partners. 🙂 Though I thought Robert was well-suited for the Sean Cheesman with Kathryn, I kinda wondered what it would be like if Mark were dancing the routine with her. Oh, and the other point I meant to make last night is that my visiting dancing friend said that Billy wasn’t so much a jaguar in his routine with Jose – but rather a spider monkey. 🙂

On to tonight’s show.

-I wasn’t sure how I felt about that Top 8 Group Routine. I liked that it had a lot of slow, sustained movement. I was annoyed by some of the theatrics of it. And confused to why Ade was in it, till tammi reminded me Alex was sitting out (I think I’d blocked it out).

-There was lots of Emmy talk during which Adam gave some Blue Steel. Nobody mentions how Cat was ROBBED. She’s the best presenter around.

-I was SHOCKED that one of the first two dancers was in the Bottom 3. It seemed a bit quick considering we were only looking for two more dancers. And Billy had a decent night. But I guess all that Jose v. Adechike debate resulted in some major votes.

-I’m getting ahead of myself. The rest of the five dancers were brought out. WHY did they do it this way? Why didn’t they do four and three? Why two and five? I just don’t get it.

-Kent’s safe. They don’t even tease. He went and jumped on Lauren in the safe box.

-Wow, Jose is safe. AND Robert. I’m relieved, but very weirded out. And my Bottom 3 is waaay messed up.

-Commercial for “Standing Ovation,” which I admit I want to see. AND “Step Up 3D,” of course. I saw the trailer recently at the movies.

-Back to the weirdness. Ashley and Adechike are the only two left. Adechike is standing very far away from Ashley and is in a completely different place from her. As a human being, yeah I can get why he’d maybe have to zone out. But I was soo disgusted with how isolated he was – as I have been disgusted. I’m finally figuring it out. He is completely unconnected from the other dancers and often the audience. Which read, on t.v., in my opinion, as if he’s only worried about himself. I get that this is important to him. But what I think it’s done is it’s shut him off from learning *anything* from *anyone*, including the choreographers, the judges and the other dancers. He’s not growing and he’s not pushing his energy out. He is so locked down.

-Ashley’s in the Bottom 3 and not Adechike. I officially hate Top 8 elimination nights.

-My case re Adechike was demonstrated completely (imo) when you could see that Cat was pressing her cheek to Adechike’s to comfort him and he was so stiff and unresponsive. It’s like he wasn’t even there. Unfortunately, it feels like he’s not even there, spirit-wise, when he dances as well.

-It was nice to see Anya and Pasha dance together and Cat cracked me up when she said, “Could you be any hotter?”

-I’m gonna get ragged by this, but I enjoyed the In the Heights dancers a’riiight, but wasn’t overly enthused. It was cool that they were singing and dancing in true Broadway form, though.

-Both Billy and Ashley recycled solos, but they were both VERY strong, which was good to see. Both utilized music that’s been really popular on our site.

-LOVED watching Natasha Bedingfield with the All-Stars. Best part of the night, for me. I just bet it was nice for Cat to hug on someone almost the same height as her.

-Nigel explains the results of Alex’s MRI. But I was 100% positive he was leaving when he didn’t dance a solo. I’m amazed and somewhat soothed that Alex has been invited back for the next season. I’m so glad – but it’s gonna be soooo hard on that season’s contestants. Think Billy Bell’s favored status at the beginning of Season 7 multiplied by about 1,000.

-But, the good news is that Ashley and Billy are safe. They NEVER should have been in the Bottom 3 this week. I’m fairly certain that Adechike is going next week – there’s gonna be some backlash, if the comments here on the site are anything to go by.

-I’m gonna go on the record with what I just told Marianya, even though I may be way wrong. Elimination predictions for the rest of S7: Top 7 – Adechike, Top 6 – Jose, Top 5 – Robert [Jose & Robert may be switched], Top 4 = Billy, Ashley, Lauren and Kent. There you go. Let’s see what happens.