SYTYCD: New Season Wish

So after all this talk of what we could like to see in next season’s So You Think You Can Dance… Nigel pulls a comment that Alex would be invited back to the show next season… which begs the question HOW?

Alex has already competed, he’s been part of the show for a few weeks, undoubtedly he’s one of the more popular dancers that actually has been stepping up to the plate. Had it not been for his injury he would most likely move further into the competition… But the problem is that technically in accordance to rules of the past seasons, once a dancer has competed they would not be eligible to try out for the show again.

But that brought about the possibility of bringing Alex back as an All Star (as suggested by ahs). Which would make sense, considering that he is a favorite, but the problem is that we haven’t seen him really stretch to his full potential. And if he comes back as an All Star he would be pigeon-holed, in a way, into ballet and other types of styles that he’s best at rather than spreading his wings and growing.

So why not take that a step further? To let Alex compete as an All Star by having a season where all the dancers are “All Stars” and they compete against one another to prove their growth to the judges and America. After all Nigel mentioned that Comfort has grown. Mia has mentioned that Allison has grown leaps and bounds as a dancer since her time on SYTYCD. Obviously Travis has also grown as a dancer (to become a well received choreographer).

So how about it? Next Season have all twenty dancers be past competitors from the first six seasons. Have them prove that they have grown as dancers in a similar or variation of the current format. This way Alex Wong can come back as an All Star AND be able to compete as he goes against the best of the best.

While we are at it, some of the our favorite dancers that didn’t get their chance to be part of the top twenty/ten could participate too (I’m looking at you Ryan Kasprzak). But instead of making this your traditional summer show, it could be a shortened fall season. So instead of twenty dancers squeeze it down to ten and use the new format of eliminating one per week…

I believe this solution would work out best while keeping in with rules of the competition without making a point of bending/breaking them. They already bent them for Billy Bell when he was on the Showcase episode but got sick before he had a chance to compete, and again for Brandon Dumlao who competed for one show but was immediately let go.

Because I don’t know about you guys, but for me, the more they don’t adhere to their own set rules and continue to bend and break them based on favoritism the less respect I feel for them as a whole… and if I’m losing respect for them, then so is a good portion of the viewing audience, which would turn into a ratings drop and then the show that we all once loved would be dropped from the lineup.

But that’s just me.