Random thoughts about Tonights show

I got to thinking we always have the discussion blog to talk about the different dances. Usually we comment on whether or not we like the dance. Tonight I noticed I pay close attention to detail (okay well I always do).  Like during Kent and Neil’s broadway number I noticed the numbers on the back of their uniforms. Neil was wearing the number 3, kinda fitting since he place third in his season and now that I think about it he was in season 3. Kent was wearing the number 7, for the top 7 or season 7. Very clever on the costume departments part. I always get a kick out of those things. So I was wondering who out there notices these things or is it just me. Also I would like to know what other little things that happen on the show that we all enjoy. So I figure I’ll list a few of my favorites tonight and focusing on the positive.

Loved that Cat knows all of us girls love Neil.

I found myself wanting a pair of sparkly converse after that Jazz routine.

After the Tahitian dance I couldn’t help but wonder how many guys would want Lauren as one of those hula figurines to go in their car. For us girls Mark was just as hot.

Loved Mia’s comment about a duck in heat cause she has one in her back yard. That was one of the random things that just made me laugh. Plus I like that she makes up new works. I have to agree with her on the I love boys.

The sword. Nigel didn’t want Jose to have it and Cat didn’t want Dominic to have it. What really got me was when Dom took the sword off stage, I didn’t quite catch what Adam said but I definitely laughed when Cat said we don’t let him run with sharp objects.