Ashley Should Come Back to SYTYCD

A lot of people have been talking about what’s going to happen with Ashley after being sent home for injury. Nigel talked about her making it back for tour and so many wondered why she wasn’t offered the chance to come back on the show like Alex Wong was offered. Well, Nigel tweeted what I expected would be their response:

Ashley will be invited back to Vegas next year if she doesn’t do the tour. FOX feels you can do one or the other. I’m hoping she’ll tour!

Basically, if she goes on tour, then she becomes an employee of Fox and then isn’t eligible to compete again. At least that seems like a reasonable reason for her not to be able to come back on the show after being on tour.

So what do you say? Should Ashley try and go on tour or come back for another season of SYTYCD?

Personally, unlike Nigel I selfishly want her to come back on the show. I feel cheated that she got injured and didn’t get to dance more. So, I want her back on the show. She can go on the next tour!