SYTYCD 7: Non Elimination Week Reactions/Thoughts

Cat said it best I think when she said during the results show, “We just make it up as we go along.”

Granted, this is in no way implying that the current Season of So You Think You Can Dance is just made up as each week progresses, but there is always an exception to the proverbial “rule” and there seems to be a lot of this going on lately.

Examples Include:
– The addition of a sixth male contestant turning the previously announced Top 10 into the Top 11.
– The open invitation for Alex and Ashley to come back for Season 8 provided they do not participate on the tour
– The Season 6/7 Tour won’t necessarily include all of the dancers of Season 6 like in previous tours

Now, even though there are valid and plausible reasons for the above occurring; the non-elimination of… well anyone… brought a sigh of relief to some viewers and an uproar from others…

But as I mentioned to John the following are some possibilities as to what has happened:
Split Panel: This week, there were four judges instead of three, meaning that if two wanted to eliminate one contestant and two wanted to eliminate another… and none could be swayed otherwise… that leaves the judging panel at a standstill thus forcing a non-elimination
Eliminating Jose or Robert: If they chose to eliminate either Jose or Robert for reasons stated in the show and it turns out that Billy could not perform the following week, they would be forced to bring whoever was eliminated last back… a la Comfort/Jessica
Eliminating Billy: If they eliminated Billy solely based on the fact that he chose to not dance this week a la Ashley and Alex as a precaution and it turned out that he was able to dance, they ended up letting go a better dancer rather than sticking to their guns and eliminating someone who is simply not growing.

Personally I think giving a “redo” this coming week was probably the best and safest route they could have done (provided they stick with their guns and eliminate two dancers next week). There’s been a lot of discussion as to whether it should be Jose or Robert or Adechike or even Billy as the next two guys to eliminated. Right now there seems to be a clear Top 3 (Kent, Lauren, Adechike) with the fourth slot up for grabs… By eliminating two in one shot it gives all the six dancers a fresh and clean chance to prove that they belong in the Top Four…. which begs the question: