Black Gold’s Gonna Be on the Season 7 Finale!!!

Hi everyone!! A little birdie at Red Bull Records just gave me the heads up that Black Gold will perform “Shine” on the finale, just as Eric and I suggested in our video interview when they were in New Orleans.

You might not realize that you know the band Black Gold, but you do. They perform the song “Shine,” Shine which has been our elimination song all season.

I inundated you with a series of posts about my experience meeting the band at their New Orleans show and some of our readers won the chance to see them perform as well and wrote about it.

The news is everywhere at this point. Here’s a US Magazine piece.

Black Gold themselves broke the news on their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Don’t forget that you can still submit a video of YOU dancing to “Shine” to win dance classes in your city.

Am I wrong to feel like my Evil Masterplan for good live music on SYTYCD has come to fruition? Lol.