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Who was in Step Up 3D (Spoilers)

Okay, so, I went to see the movie yesterday with a couple of my dance friends. The movie was excellent and was pretty surprised they used up to 7 previous SYTYCD contestants in the movie. The 3D version is a definite see if your cinema is showing the 3D version

Here’s what I spotted and also caught with the end credits of who was featured:
Stephen ‘Twitch’ Boss (Season 4 Runner-Up) – Major character in the film who played Special Effects wiz Jason
Joshua Allen (Season 4 Winner) – Had a small role as part of his winner’s prize as ‘Samurai’ crew member in the first half of the movie. He wasn’t featured in the end for the final crew battle
Jonathan ‘Legacy’ Perez (Season 6 Contestant) – Had a minor role in the movie who played Legz was part of the ‘Pirate’ crew
Katee Shean (Season 4 Contestant) – Was featured as a background dancer in the Tango scene during Natalie’s Masquerade birthday party
Ashlee Nimo (Season 2 Contestant) (sorry if I got the spelling wrong) – Was part of the Pirate crew in the final crew battle
Musa Cooper (Season 2 Contestant) – Was a blink and you miss role. He was seen at the beginning of the movie where Moose started his first day at college where Moose spotted a group B-Boy dancers competing against each other outside NYU. Musa was the guy holding cash in his hand with a black hat
Cedric Gardner (Season 3 Contestant) – I didn’t notice him in the movie but spotted his name in the closing credits
Dave Scott (Choreographer) – Was featured as one of the crew members in the first crew battle of the movie couldn’t remember the Crew name sorry. He was also choreographer for the film
Hi Hat (Season 7 Los Angeles Auditions Judge) – Choreographed the steps in the movie and was also featured as judge in the final crew battle
Adam Shankman (Judge of SYTYCD) – Was Executive Producer of the film.

Share your thoughts on the movie. And if there was anybody I missed feel free to comment

August 8, 2010 I Written By

Kent Boyd Will Win So You Think You Can Dance Season 7

For the record, I just want to say that I started this post back on July 21st. So, I’ve thought this to be the case for a long time. It’s not like I’m just hoping on the Kent Boyd bandwagon now. Which is especially interesting because I’m actually on the Lauren bandwagon as a fan, but despite my bias I still think Kent Boyd has this season of So You Think You Can Dance in the bag.

First of all, I think history is really on my side. The best comparison that can be made for Kent is with Benji Schwimmer. The type of fan following that Benji had really reminds me of the way fans are for Kent. They just love the little guy. Plus, really what’s not to like? He’s just a sweet, sincere guy.

The fan following for Kent is just awesome. They adore him. Plus, he really has excelled on the show and he hasn’t shown any signs of arrogance at all. That’s the attribute that America seems to love most (and I know I do too).

Nigel also did Kent a huge favor by saying it was close. I’m sure that many Kent fans were sitting back, thinking that Kent just had it in the bag (like I do). By Nigel saying that it’s close, the whole teen group that loves Kent will be voting in droves for Kent.

I think that @Beth_Pettit on Twitter described it best when she sent me this tweet:
@puresytycd Kent could fall off the stage & land on his face in the middle of a routine and I’d still probably vote for him. He’s pure magic

The good part for me is that I love Lauren and Robert is great too. This might be the first time that I’d be happy with any of the final 3 winning. It’s just too bad that Lauren and Robert really don’t have a chance against the powerhouse Kent!

As I think about it, maybe the fact that I like Lauren Froderman so much might be the best reason why Lauren has no chance of winning. At least considering how all of my past blonde girls were quickly booted from SYTYCD.

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Just call me Charlie...but where are my angels?

Top SYTYCD Music of 8/1-8/8

We’re almost near the end of the Season 7 and we’ve seen a lot of great music. Last week, I listed the Top SYTYCD Music during the previous week and I’m doing it all over again here and now.

Top SYTYCD Music of 8/1-8/8:
1. DeVotchka’s “How It Ends” – How
2. Anouk’s “Lost” – Lost
3. Basement Jaxx ft. Kelis, Meleka and Chipmunk’s “Scars” – Scars
4. Kosheen’s “Hide U” – Hide
5. Lissie’s “Everywhere I Go” – Everywhere
6. Janelle Monae’s “Tightrope” – Tightrope
7. Tom McRae’s “You Only Disappear” – You
8. My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult’s “Wasted Time” – Wasted
9. Astor Piazolla’s “Oblivion” – Oblivion
10. Roisin Murphy’s “Sinking Feeling” – Sinking

And your lagniappe:
11. Michael Andrews ft. Gary Jules’s “Mad World” – Mad
12. Telepathe’s “Lights Go Down” – Lights [Due to special circumstances, I accidentally left this one off the list. It’d actually be #10, but I’m gonna stick in as 9.5]
13. Lil Jon and LMFAO’s “Outta Your Mind” – Outta
14. Black Gold’s “Shine” – Shine
15. Kate Earl “Impossible – Impossible, also from my suggested music post
16. Katie Thompson’s “Heaven Is a Place on Earth” – Heaven
17. David Guetta and Kelly Rowland’s “When Love Takes Over” – When
18. Florence + the Machine’s “The Drumming Song” – Drumming
19. Project Jenny, Project Jan ft. So Percussion’s “You Said” – You from my “I Hear Music” suggested music post
20. Melissa Etheridge’s “Fearless Love” – Fearless

I know my lagniappe doubled the main list this week, but the second half of this list were all pretty close, so I just had to include them all.

I’m surprised that Christina Perri’s “Jar of Hearts” Jar isn’t on the list this week, since it’s been high up there for so long. But I am surprised to see two songs from my suggested list are still so popular with y’all.

In that vein, look for a super-secret mondo post next week, after the finale and the last Top SYTYCD Music post of Season 7.

And, of course, you can check out all Season 7’s music here.

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SYTYCD 7: Top 3 Predictions Part Two

Since several people were saying in the original poll that there is a difference between SHOULD be vs WILL be… I’m giving you all a chance to answer who WILL be chosen as America’s Favorite Dancer as well as the should be in the previous poll.

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