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SYTYCD Season 7 Top 3 Thoughts/Power Rankings

Oh what a great show!!! And just so you know, I’m starting this post after only the second routine! Lol. Here are my Thoughts/Power Rankings.

John, Marianya and Amanda have each broken down why each of the three remaining contestants could win Season 7.

But now I have to rank how each of them did in tonight’s performance show. Our commenter beth said I should just say “no comment,” since it’s such a hard Power Ranking to do.

But something tells me I couldn’t get away with that. Sigh. Gulp. Here we go.

Kent and Lauren Bollywood – This was a wonderful routine! Lots of energy and character and it really showed off Kent’s skills–acrobatics and theatrics. I was really impressed with Lauren, as well. She’s pretty phenomenal. However, Kent seemed to struggle with her weight at the end of the routine, which none of the judges mentioned. It’s hard to take anything they say seriously when they completely gloss over mistakes for some dancers and then nitpick others to death. I get it, it’s the finale, but I think they could’ve mentioned that he was a bit wobbly at the end.

(When Cat said, “Russian folk isn’t making a comeback is it?” and Adam said, “Sweet Jesus, no,” I totally expected Jeanine and Philip to run out in their folk costumes and that music to start. Lol. I was really disappointed.)

Lauren and Twitch Nappytabs hip hop – I agree that Nappytabs is having a wonderful out season and this routine illustrated exactly how solid Lauren is, to be able to dance so well alongside Twitch, of all the All-Stars. It was funny and hard-hitting and LoFro walloped us with her athleticism. I honestly couldn’t stop watching her, which is HUGE considering who she was dancing with. What I really loved about the routine was that Nappytabs didn’t choreograph some sort of relationship routine just cause they had a girl/guy combo. I think Lauren’s strengths encourage choreographers to give her routines where she can be tough and funky and sexy all at once and not just one thing at a time.

Robert and Mark jazz – I liked the routine while I watched it, even though I thought Robert and Mark looked a lot alike. I couldn’t tell them apart during the sections when they broke away from each other, and I didn’t really mind not being able to keep track of who was who during the unison sections. Marianya and I were talking about this happening ages ago and I’m glad that the two of them danced together. YET, I think Robert could’ve stood out more in a routine with a different All-Star than Mark. It’s a bit like the Kent-Neil Tyce baseball Broadway, except I think Kent was gifted with choreography that was more tailored to him. More than anything else, I hated that Nigel talked about Alex, Kent and Lauren, but didn’t actually talk about Robert.

During Kent’s chat with Cat, I loved the way she teased him and made kissy faces at him and then again after his solo. His solo was very “Kent-ish,” to borrow Mia’s earlier word. It wasn’t the strongest solo he’s done, but it was a’right.

Lauren and Robert’s Contemporary – LOOOOVED this!! It showcased them both so well. I thought it could’ve been a distracting prop, but it was used with such intention that it really amplified the performance, in my opinion. Especially that one particular lift that Nigel mentioned. They were so supportive of each other and you could see it in all the really intricate timing and collaborative stuff they did. The song was gorgeous, they both looked incredible and danced beautifully.

Lauren and Kent’s jazz – I thought they were both cute together and I love Mandy Moore. I’m glad that L&K defended her and very disappointed that the judges were kinda blah about her choreography when really, that would’ve been a great routine with two other dancers. Or Lauren and Billy again. Cause it really was like that routine with Billy, except it didn’t have the same loose flow coming from Kent. Before you boo me or throw the veggies, go and watch it back. Seriously. What I’ve started to realize is that maybe because Kent’s smaller than most of the other dancers, he prepares too much for lifts and big moves. You can see them coming a mile away. Tonight, I could see it in ALL of his routines and it made them pretty staccato.

Looooved Robert’s chat with Cat when he said that if he won, he’d look at his mom and say, “What do you want,” then use the money to get it for her. That was incredibly sweet. I thought his solo showed a lot of his growth over the season.

Kent and Allison’s contemporary – I have to say, I did love this. While I did notice some wobbling from Kent (ducks), mostly I thought the choreography, the music and the dancers added up so something pretty incredible. But I really didn’t know how to feel when Kent was acting like Rainman afterwards and the judges took that opportunity to effuse that he’d had an artist moment and grown up. I don’t know that I like serious Kent. Serious Kent seems pretty fake to me, actually. It’s the joyful, exuberant, thrilled Broadway Kent that I like the best, that feels the strongest and truest. I can hear the booing from here. Moving on quickly…

It was cute that Lauren said the prom dance with Kent was her favorite, too. Her solo was KILLER!! I agree with beth that you can see her fighting in her solos and not treating them like throwaways. I think if anything gives her the edge, it’d be this, and the fact that she’s hitting high notes at just the right moment.

Robert and Kathryn’s Broadway – This is one of the most amazing things ever. I loved hardcore criminal Robert and tough interrogator Kathryn. R&K are the closest thing we’ve had to old-school SYTYCD partnership and I love watching them dance together. He broke the chair in the rehearsals, then his pants on the show and I loved the interactions with Kathryn through it all. But what I really loved was that he had something of a solo at the beginning – and he held the stage! Plus, we’ve talked about Robert channeling Dmitry and looking like Mark’s brother but in this routine, Robert reminded me a lot of Neil. Maybe that’s crazy, but I don’t think it could possibly be a bad thing. 🙂

Lauren and Pasha’s cha cha – I think this put Lauren over the top. Okay, maybe it was the cumulative affect of all of tonight’s dances and the entire season, but that cha cha was stunning. She dances everything like she’s already an All-Star, like Adam pointed out a while back. She was so athletic and sexy and then Mia said that if she were still dancing, she’d want to dance just like Lauren. Whatever your feelings about Mia this season, having a dancer/choreographer say that to another dancer is just… Pretty unique. I think everybody (even the judges) are starting to realize that Lauren is the little engine who could – she hasn’t been overproduced and hasn’t had a lot of the big emotional, memorable routines that some of the other dancers have been gifted with. Yet – she’s danced everything well, with her own flair and style and athleticism.

And then there was…Robert and Kent’s Maelvos – Awful. Just awful, I’m sorry. But what a horrible way to end the performance finale. This is going to sound strange, but I think about 30% of the problem could’ve been cleared up by their pants being better fits. They seemed so loose and baggy that they looked like awkward little boys wearing their dad’s clothes. Even Robert, who looks damn hot in tailored pants. And their coats should’ve been cut shorter, as well. They looked stronger and had cleaner lines once they took them off. Another 40% could have been fixed if Kent hadn’t danced. (Ducks the serious veggies flying her way). He was so awkward and ill-prepared for this! I’ll be honest – my beloved Robert wasn’t much better, but he WAS better. Mostly, I think that the maelvos, like the male-male paso doble probably need hyper masculine dancers in order to work. We didn’t have that here, except somewhat with Robert. Oddly, Nigel and Adam almost completely ignored the dance itself when they talked. Mia was the only one who stepped up to the plate and even then, she excused their occasional limpness as “debonair.”

So…as for my power rankings. Let’s try something new because this is impossible.

-I’d like Robert to win because I think he’s had the most growth over the course of the season if you look at where he was dance-wise to where he is now, dance-wise. Plus, he was in the bottom the most and survived. And he’d buy something cool for his mom.

-I think Lauren is probably the best dancer of the three of them and that she has a good chance to win because she’s been peaking at the right time. Her last dance of the night was one of her strongest (her first dance being the other “strongest” dance) and her solos are always really amazing.

-I still think Kent probably will win because he’s been hyped the most and because the demographic of the show are tweens who favor slightly adrogynous, non-threatening boys in their dreamboats and idols. He’s had a lot of memorable routines this season, but probably none are as memorable as Nigel “finding” him in Wapakoneta like a diamond in the rough.

Oh, I’m gonna get some major veggies tonight. Time for bed while y’all hurl ’em my way. 🙂

John’s Update:
Since Emilie is too nice to make the power rankings, I’ll help her out:
1. Kent Boyd – Can you say Allison Holker and Stacey Tookey?
2. Lauren Froderman – Girl power!!
3. Robert Roldan – Come back kid, but not quite.
The good thing is that it seems the consensus is that most people would be happy with any of these 3 winning the show. That really is a first for SYTYCD. They’re all GREAT!!

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SYTYCD 7: The Finals

So let’s have at it…. the last two polls for the season…. first…

And now…

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My life can be summed up in the following two quotes: 1) "I am married to engineering and am its faithful wife by day, but at night my wanderlust takes hold and the arts becomes my jealous paramour." and... 2) "Engineering is my safety net. Writing is my passion. Acting is my escape when the other two become too much." So where does dancing fit in? Pretty much anywhere at this point... =)

SYTYCD Season 7 Finale Part 1 Music

I’m not afraid to say it – I’m really excited for the first half of the finale tonight, as well as all the dancing and music we’re gonna be witness to. Hurrah!

Reminder of the season montage: Florence + the Machine’s “Dog Days Are Over” – Dog and Coldplay’s “Fix You” – Fix

Dance: Kent Boyd
All-Star: Lauren Gottlieb
Style: Bollywood
Choreographer: Nakul Dev Mahajan
Song: “Om Mangalam” – Om from Kambakkht Ishq

Dancer: Lauren Froderman
All-Star: Twitch Boss
Style: Hip-hop
Choreographer: Nappytabs
Song: Kanye West’s “Power” – Power

Dancer: Robert Roldan
All-Star: Mark Kanemura
Style: Jazz
Choreographer: Tyce Diorio
Song: Devo’s “Whip It” – Whip

Kent’s solo was to Train’s “The Finish Line” – The

Dancers: Lauren Froderman and Robert Roldan
Style: Contemporary
Choreographer: Dee Caspary
Song: Cinematic Orchestra’s “That Home” – That

Dancers: Lauren Froderman and Kent Boyd
Style: Jazz
Choreographer: Mandy Moore
Song: Huey Lewis and the News’ “Hip to Be Square” – Hip

Robert danced his solo to The Postal Service’s “The District Sleeps Alone” – The

Dancer: Kent Boyd
All-Star: Allison Holker
Style: Contemporary
Choreographer: Stacey Tookey
Song: Joshua Radin’s “Sundrenched World” – Sundrenched

Lauren danced to Mary J. Blige’s “I’m Goin’ Down” – I'm

Dancer: Robert Roldan
All-Star: Kathryn McCormick
Style: Broadway
Choreographer: Spencer Liff
Song: “Cool” – West from West Side Story

Dancer: Lauren Froderman
All-Star: Pasha Kovalev
Style: Cha cha
Choreographer: Tony and Melanie
Song: Christina Aguilera’s “Not Myself Tonight” – Not

Dancers: Robert Roldan and Kent Boyd
Style: Malevos
Choreographer: Miriam and Leonardo
Songs: Taylor Long’s “The Chosen/Drum Addict” – NOT ON iTUNES! ARGGGH!

You can find all of Season 7’s music here.

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Why Lauren could beat out the boys.

I do think Lauren does stand a chance at taking the title of America’s Favorite Dancer, but can she edge out Kent and Robert. Based on her performance during the top 4 I think she can. Just the fact that she has been the last girl standing for the last few weeks gives her a bit of an edge. In my opinion Lauren has had some of the best solos in the whole competition. Last Thursday she was truly dancing from the heart in her solo. Now that I think about it I don’t think she has really had a bad performance night. Lauren had grown over the course of the season not just as a dancer but as a person. She said it herself the show forces you to grow up. Even with all of that she still is that lovable girl that is bubbling over with energy.

Now, do I actually think Lauren will win…I don’t know but I’m not counting her out just yet. I think this season will be very close between all three of them.

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Dance is one of my biggest passions. I grew up dancing at Augusta West Dance Studio (the same studio that Kathryn McCormick). I have a BFA in theatre/dance from Valdosta State University. Tap is my favorite style of dance.

SYTYCD Season 7 Finale Part 1 Discussion

Here y’all go. Straight from me to you – a place to safely store all your predictions, gripes, hopes and dreams for tonight’s Top 3 Performance show, the last of Season 7. Doesn’t that make you all nostalgic already? Do you remember, waaaaay back to Season 7?

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Season 7: A Look at the Highs (and Lows)

Hi all!! I can’t believe we’re just a few hours away from the last performance show of the season!! I’m here to add my thoughts on the highs and lows of Season 7 SYTYCD. I was reading Entertainment Weekly online last night and they have a post up now, “So You Think You Can Dance: 10 Ways to Improve It”. I’m gonna play off that, plus add some of my highlights and lowlights from the season.

Highlight: The Opening Number
Wade Robson, tragically absent this season, created a visual and aesthetic masterpiece. We were able to see glimpses of the incredible array of dancers and their talents. It was difficult to distinguish who was who at some points, there were 23 dancers on the stage, but it was quite a sight to see.

Lowlight: First three eliminated–all girls
One of the things I was looking forward to the most when I heard about the All-Stars was seeing Twitch, Neil, Ade, Mark, Dom, and Pasha dancing again. Fast forward three weeks, and the likelihood of that happened had drastically dropped when the numbers were 6 male contestants and 2 girls. Alexie, Cristina, and Melinda were beautiful dancers, but they didn’t connect with the audience. I think poor Alexie was done in by less than stellar choreography, and I think the judges may have reached a little putting Cristina and Melinda in the top 11. Nevertheless, it was troubling to see three girls get knocked off so fast.


As host Cat Deeley regularly reminds us, SYTYCD is the search for ”America’s favorite dancer.” So why was America’s voice stifled for so long during season 7? SYTYCD’s old format actually worked perfectly: The judges exerted their control for the first five weeks of competition — ensuring that dancers who deserved a second chance outlasted those unable to measure up — then left the rest up to the audience. But this season, viewers had their hands tied until top four. The judges already have plenty of time to have their say (see: previous slide), so let us have ours again…earlier!

Highlight: Alex and Twitch’s hip hop
File this under the category of WOW. When I heard Alex was gonna be doing hip hop with Twitch, I was nervous for him. We didn’t see him do it in Vegas (I don’t think) so I had no idea what was going to happen. Needless to say, I had to surgically remove my jaw from the floor after watching that routine. Who knew that Alex would have a break out moment doing hip hop?!

Lowlight: Injuries, Injuries, Injuries!
It’s amazing that we’ve gone 7 seasons WITHOUT having a serious injury. Granted, Jessica from S4 did have to leave, but she was able to tour with her season when her rib healed. I felt so sad for Alex, because he was just started to scratch the surface on the show. Our thoughts are with him as he recovers.

From (I sort of agree with this one, not 100%)

With such a talented crop of contestants every year, it seems crazy to ask for fewer dance numbers on SYTYCD. But if season 7 proved anything, it’s that stellar choreographers often lose their touch when faced with the feat of creating a countless number of routines for the contestants. (Can you remember more than one Sonya dance?) And that hectic schedule is not only tough on choreographers, but the dancers as well — executing nearly four routines per week left many season 7 contestants sidelined with injuries. So let’s give them a (non-injury-induced) break, shall we? After all, the show is called So You Think You Can Dance, not So You Thought You Could Dance Before You Got Injured on a Reality Show.

Highlight: Cat standing up for the dancers
As you guys have probably read, I wasn’t AdeChike’s biggest fan, but I certainly liked him as a dancer and he seemed like a really nice guy. He didn’t deserve a lot of the bashing he took this season. Granted, some of it was necessary (Adam’s comments about him needing a looser center for African Jazz, I totally understood that), but some of it wasn’t (Mia: “I’m missing Alex Wong now. Hard). I was so happy to see Cat stand up for him after that Bollywood number, she really shows how invested she is in these dancers, how much she loves them.


Hey, I’ll concede that it’s tough to put on a two-hour show. But it’s also tough to maintain interest in said two-hour program when the majority of the airtime is dedicated to the judges’ critiques. (Especially when the contestants are only on stage for short, two-minute routines.) The dancers are the stars of the series — not a panel of judges more focused on thanking the choreographers than praising the contestants. You know the phrase: Keep it simple!

Highlight: Allison and Kathryn
These 2 girls took on an incredible number of routines this season. They danced almost every week, sometimes twice in one week with different partners. The best thing about them was that you could tell they were always there for their partners, 100%. Even when Allison was dancing with José, who, let’s face, she danced circles around, we could look into her eyes and see her commitment to him. I’m not taking anything away from the other All-Stars, they’re all amazing at what they do and a major asset to SYTYCD, but these two girls are my MVPs.

Lowlight: The judging
What can I say? I fastforwarded through a lot of the comments this year b/c they either didn’t make sense or they just went on FOREVER. Mia’s a great choreographer, but I kinda can’t stand her as a judge. Her noises and made up words made her sound uneducated, like that’s the best you can come up with while praising (or critiquing) someone’s dancing. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but…bring back Mary!!


With all due respect to Mia, the panel already has two industry vets who can wax poetic about technique. What was missing on the panel during season 7 was a healthy dose of crazy. (And what was missing on the stage this year was some Mia Michaels choreography.) Sure, Mary Murphy has all but ensured that SYTYCD fans will give the hearing aid industry a boost in 20 years, but we’ve missed being able to board the hot tamale train. Or crazy train, whatever.

Highlight/Lowlight: Getting reintroduced to the All-Stars via Classic Routines/Not getting to see everyone dance routines
This could have been amazing, and it kind of was. Getting to see “The Garden” “Forever” “Night of the Dancing Flame” and Anya/Pasha’s audition number was fantastic. Not only did we get to see these classic routines again, but we got to see how much these dancers have improved since their seasons. After those routines were over, the dances stopped! What about Ade, Kathryn, Dominic and Allison?! Four incredibly talented dancers who have memorable dances of their own. Why not show the routines on the big screen, then have the dancer do a solo on stage. That way, we could have seen the routines (most likely, “This Woman’s Work” “Fear” or “At this Moment” “Make it Work” and “Why”) but also gotten to see the dancers do a solo.

Highlight: “Boogie Shoes”/”Mad World”
Finally, Billy Bell got a breakout routine!! This was one of my favorite routines of the season and I’m excited to see it on tour. We finally got to see Billy loosen up and have some fun. He got the groove of the dance. With Mad World, everything just came together. Stacey Tookey has really elevated herself into that elite group of choreographers on the show with this number. Billy was fantastic.

Highlight: Robert’s Week 8
My pick for the win, he had an incredible week. Both dances were top notch, and everything just worked. I was so happy to see him make the finale, because his growth over the season is really starting to culminate at the right time.

Lowlight: the stage, again
Getting rid of the annoying screen from last season definitely helped, but not totally. When the camera hit the lights at certain angles, it sometimes washed out the dancers. The solution that really needs to happen…


In 2009, SYTYCD announced two big changes: The series would boast a new fall season — which would take place on a much larger stage. Unfortunately, both ideas flopped. Though the producers wisely ditched a fall season after it proved to be unpopular, the expansive, impersonal stage remains, frustrating viewers who prefer an intimate dance experience. Remember, Nigel & Co.: Bigger isn’t always better!

Here are a couple of other ideas from that I really like:
For every ”The Bench” routine on SYTYCD, there’s a ghastly disco dance. So instead of reaching in order to showcase new choreography, why not allow one contestant a week to perform a classic, well-known dance number? Sure, they’ll never measure up to the legends that made the routines famous. Still, after seeing Kent ace a Spencer Liff Broadway routine this season, who wouldn’t want to see what he could do with, say, Singin’ in the Rain’s ”Make ‘Em Laugh”? gusty, but could be fabulous

Sure, great choreographers like Sonya Tayeh, Mia Michaels, and Wade Robson (who’s been tragically MIA during season 7) already act as mentors by default for the SYTYCD contestants. But the show could use a new jolt of star power. Not only would contestants welcome the weekly guidance of some legendary dancers, like, say, Alvin Ailey’s Judith Jamison (pictured) or American Ballet Theater’s Ethan Stiefel, but any dance fan would also be fascinated to hear icons share their tricks of the trade. And think of the results-show guest performances we all saw how excited AdeChike was to be dancing for Dwight and Desmond, this could be really cool. Plus, Ethan Stiefel is better known as Cooper Nielsen from the dance movie Center Stage, and I, for one, would LOVE to see him on SYTYCD!

okay guys, these are my thoughts. Agree? Disagree? Fire away!!

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SYTYCD 7: Why Robert Should Win

So I’ll be the first to admit it, Robert was not my favorite… he has never really been my favorite… and he will probably not be my favorite. So why am I writing this? Simple, because Robert’s the “dark horse” in the competition. We as an audience know practically next to nothing about him during the audition episodes leading into Vegas and even during Vegas we still know next to nothing about him. He was one of those dancers that probably was very low key during the whole audition process preferring to let the dancing speak for itself.

And did it speak.

The best comparison that I could think of off the top of my head was Danny Tidwell the runner up to Season 3 of So You Think You Can Dance. Danny – if you recall – is Travis Wall’s adopted brother, who originally came from not so good family circumstances, came to Denise Wall’s dance studio for lessons and walked the who knows how many miles (10 miles according to Wikipedia) between his home and the studio to wait for the next lesson. He was talented in his youth despite starting at a later age. Denise took this lost soul under her wing and brought him up to be the dancer that we all remember him as. On the show Danny was quiet and reserved – most likely as a by-product of his youth growing up – which to some people came across as arrogant on screen. He was part of the Bottom Three boys several times during the show before eventually coming in second place in his season (runner up to Sabra Johnson).

In many ways Robert Roldan is the Danny Tidwell of Season 7… Robert’s childhood was broken in some ways and he relied heavily on his mother for growth and strength, eventually they found a stable family home and structure allowing Robert to blossom into the dancer prior to the show. In the duration of the show, Robert always did well in his routines but he never really shined. He was always very good at picking up choreography and getting the characterizations of the stories, however, for one reason or another the audience simply were not able to connect with him.

So what happened? Where did the surge come from? Personally I believe it started with the contemporary piece with Allison Holker choreographed by Travis Wall. It was a story that Robert was able to grab hold of, to cherish and get lost in. He was able to find a way to relate to the material… and once he was able to relate to it then his love and joy and connection came across the screen so much more. Suddenly (or not depending on one’s point of view) Robert was able to harness a connection to every piece given, and instead of doing well but forgettable, he was doing well AND memorable. Suddenly his dancing has a sparkle that isn’t exactly easy to forget.

His surge is coming later in the season, but there have been previous winners of the show that had surges later in the show or rather peaked at the right moment to outshine the rest in the final performance show their season (Season 5’s Jeanine Mason and Season 6’s Russell Ferguson).

Towards the beginning of the series, people voted on their favorites since day one, so for the first few seasons the obvious favorite since day one became the winner (Season 1’s Nick Lazzarini, Season 2’s Benji Schwimmer, and Season 3’s Sabra Johnson). Season 4 saw the shifting of the gears where America’s isn’t necessarily voting for their favorite dancer, but rather the one whose dancing shined the most… eventually moving into Season’s 5 and 6 where the winners weren’t outright favorites from the beginning but rather the quiet unknowns whose dancing won over America little by little every week. America loves a good underdog, and this season it’s Robert… the other contestants have every chance of winning as well, but if patterns are any indication, I see America continuing on the trend of the underdog and chose Robert this time around.

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My life can be summed up in the following two quotes: 1) "I am married to engineering and am its faithful wife by day, but at night my wanderlust takes hold and the arts becomes my jealous paramour." and... 2) "Engineering is my safety net. Writing is my passion. Acting is my escape when the other two become too much." So where does dancing fit in? Pretty much anywhere at this point... =)

Writing up Seasons 6 and 7 – news for SYTYCD Season 8!

Check out this great piece from the The Daily Best/Sexy Beast (thanks Jordan, for sending us a link!) that discusses how the changes during the past two seasons have changed the show.

Here’s some highlights:

The season concludes this week, and looking back, it hasn’t gone well. Fox is aware that fans aren’t as thrilled as they once were. Last week, Fox Entertainment President Kevin Reilly told me that changes, like replacing one of the judges, “stir the passions of a very passionate audience.” Some of that audience has fled: While ratings are up from last fall, they have fallen compared to last summer. The penultimate results show last Thursday lost another 10 percent of its viewers for a season low.

And later:

Making matters worse, last fall, the generally insufferable Adam Shankman joined the judging panel full-time, resulting in the end of one of the show’s better features, a rotating third guest judge who would bring completely different insight than, say, Murphy’s enthusiasm or Lythgoe’s occasional homophobia. Now, the judges, while passionate as always, seem to have more time than ever to ramble. More significantly, they have started using their power arbitrarily, opting to send no one home one week, which seemed like a ploy to save their favorite Billy Bell, who wasn’t viewers’ favorite. After the judges announced that sudden rule change, host Cat Deeley wittily and pointedly observed, “We just make this show up as we go along.”

And here’s the best part, for me, because I think Nigel’s been reading PureSYTYCD and likes my ideas. lol

Lythgoe wasn’t made available for an interview for this story, but he admitted to the media after Thursday’s results show that there were too many changes. Lythgoe called the response “frustrating” and said “I want to get it right for the audience, but at the same time, I don’t want to let down dance, and this season the dance situation has really been tremendous.” He plans to revert back to the previous Top 20 format but still bring in all-stars once it’s down to 10.

Well, if he liked that idea, I think he really should put together a Fall SYTYCD reality show like I keep saying. Yes, I’ll probably be insufferable if it happens (all the “I told you so!”s), but it will be really fun.

Enjoy the reading!

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