So You Think You Can Dance Finale Special Guest *Spoilers*

Well, I’ve been debating whether to post the “secret” person who will be dancing with Twitch in the place of the injured Alex Wong. Of course, when they say that I’m totally interested to know who it is. Although, the show didn’t really try to hide who it was going to be. They gave it to the various “TV Guide” like sites to have it listed as the description for tonight’s show.

So…now for the SYTYCD Finale Spoilers (you’ve been warned):
Ellen DeGeneres and Twitch Boss Perform – This one is the biggest spoiler of them all. I think they made a mistake referencing a “dance legend” would be performing with Twitch. At least I think that’s what they said. However, that nuance aside, I’m interested to see how Ellen will do dancing next to Twitch. As one of our readers said, better to have Ellen come and do it than to bring in another dancer that might do it better than Alex.

Black Gold Performs – Obviously, we’re big fans of Black Gold. Glad to see them get some time on the show.

Quest Crew Performs – I must admit that I absolutely can’t wait to see Quest crew perform. Quest is by far my favorite crew and I can’t wait to see them bring it on the SYTYCD stage.

Charlie Bruce Performs – This is the SYTYCD UK winner. I think people are really going to enjoy Charlie.

The Manzari Brothers Perform – These are tap brothers. I wonder if this is the tap routine that Nigel mentioned he was “conned” into doing on the finale. I’m personally not sure about choosing tap for the finale at all, but I’m sure I don’t care to see Nigel do tap. Oh well.