Pure So You Think You Can Dance Canada

The withdrawal symptoms of not having SYTYCD on TV haven’t quite sunk in, but next week when I look at the TV Guide (online version of it of course) it’s going to really sink in that we have to wait quite a while for the next season of SYTYCD.

The good news is that fans of SYTYCD (like myself) really don’t have to wait. Tomorrow starts the season of So You Think You Can Dance Canada. That’s right, and let me tell you that Canada has some absolutely amazing dancers. The past seasons I’ve seen of SYTYCD Canada have been unbelievable.

As such, Pure SYTYCD will be working to cover SYTYCD Canada similar to how we did SYTYCD US. It looks like Emilie will still be posting all the So You Think You Can Danc Canada music. Mandy (not to be confused with Amanda) and AJ will be covering the latest SYTYCD Canada updates, power rankings, twitter updates, and whatever else they think people will find interesting.

I’m pretty sure that some of the other Pure SYTYCD writers will join in on the fun too. Plus, we’ll still be posting info about SYTYCD US in the off season as well. There’s always interesting SYTYCD tour updates, interviews, and information about the dancer’s careers after SYTYCD. Plus, I’d expect some Flashback posts with videos of great SYTYCD dances to help us make it to the next season.

Also, for those in the US, there’s usually a number of places online that you can catch the Canadian version. Just do a search on YouTube or other site and you’ll find it.