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Spandy Andy *Updated*

Spandy Andy is a local, self-proclaimed, celebrity.

Last year he was on SYTYCD Canada and was hilarious especially while “hump dancing” with Blake McGrath.

Spandy Andy has a website. He is known for spandex and goes by the phrase “tight & bright”

When he auditioned last season he brought laughs to the judges and in a post-interview he and Blake McGrath did a “humpy dance” I don’t know how else to describe it – they were thrust pumping ha ha!

Anyways, Spandy Andy will be on SYTYCD Vancouver Auditions tonight – so check it out!


Here is season 2 audition thanks to Spandy for the comment and link on this post:

Spandy Andy on So You Think You Can Dance Canada
Uploaded by CanadianComedy. – See more comedy videos.

Season 3:

SpandyAndy – SYTYCD Canada Season 3 – Vancouver Auditions
Uploaded by CanadianComedy. – See more comedy videos.

August 16, 2010 I Written By

I am a blogger and reality tv lover. I blog here for SYTYCD but mostly the Canada version, since I live in Vancouver BC. I also blog about other reality tv shows on my own blog

SYTYCD Canada Calgary & Halifax Auditions

Tonight was Calgary and Halifax Auditions. Emilie is compiling music lists AJ & I sent her and will post as soon as possible.

In the meantime, let’s look at the actual auditions…

Starting in last season’s favourite dancer, Tara-Jean’s home town of Calgary Leah Miller is outside line dancing with locals “yee haw”

Judges – Jean Marc, Tre Armstrong, Luther Brown and guest judge: Stacey Tookey.

Audition Summary:

  • Steven Morton – calls himself a triple threat, loves being on stage, mime, kicks, hilarious, he sang also, which was – interesting. An obvious no, and an odd opening to the show which otherwise had some great dancers.
  • Jo Roy – danced Hip Hop on point, a little different, risky but interesting, “fusion of styles” unique I liked her. She made it right to finals.
  • Devorou Scott – Cutie Patutie crushing on Tre, needs training, was sent to choreo anyways but failed miserably.
  • Christina Schell – From Langley BC, 19, very fun and cute. She was a nice dancer who went to chore.
  • Kevin Howe – Season 1 finalist cut after ballroom, didn’t come back for season 2 because his father passed away, lost 50 pounds and looks great I really like him! He went right to finals!
  • Jera Wolfe – Royal Winnipeg Dance School from Nova Scotia a BBOY turns Ballet dancers, i really liked him alot.
  • Carlena Britch – is from Vancouver and has a funky style. I think he would be good on the show. She went to choreoa nd made it to finals.
  • Angela Benson – Moving Story about Parents in wheelchairs sheis quirky and cute, she went to chore but didn’t make it.
  • Arik Pipestem – Traditional Native Music dancing in his traditional outfit with hoops. He went to choreo and made it – which shocked me. Last time he auditioned he did not make it but he has lost weight since then and trained in other areas, very likable!
  • Arik tried to show Leah Miller, the host, how to dance with the hoops, she had a “fake” tantrum.. she was annoying me as usual, although by the end of tonight’s show I felt differently about her, but we will get to that! It’s her whiney voice that gets on my nerves!!!

    anyways, let’s continue…

  • Julia Harnett and Rufino Rodrigez – danced together, this woman has the most solid calve muscles I have ever seen!! She used to do ballet but now ballroom with him, both go to finals.
  • Nice Montage of bad dancers, again I appreciate that we don’t waste a ton of time on the terribly / joke dancers… though wait for Vancouver, Spandy Andy WILL return….

  • Shelaina Anderson – last year she was the snobby, selfish contestent who let down her group in finals but she is back, with shorter hair and a new maturity. She danced fabulously and I think will do much better this year.
  • Alex Schween – came in doing hip hop and as devestated when Luther Brown criticized her. She went to choreo and made it… I don’t think she will make the show but who knows.
  • Edgar Gilbert – Reyes –I really like this guy. He worked with Blake McGrath in his video. He is Smooth, fun, charismatic, has a nice look, and agood groove
  • Danielle Gardner – Sheis from Surrey, BC (I am bias to BC contestents sorry, Vancouver born and raised) I loved her song (LYKKE LI – TONIGHT) and I remember her from last seasons auditions… she has a Lung condition which leaves her short of breat. Since last season she has started new medication which has improved her condition… she is a beautiful dancer – she opened with a crazy twisted position and just stretched the limits – if she can keep her medical condtion under control I think she will do very well.
  • Gary Benthem – School Counsellor out to show his students you can do anything. He shockingly made it to choreo but not mch further, strong effort and great lesson to his students.
  • The second hour was HALIFAX – Auditions

    Guest Judge: Dan Karaty

    This is Natalie Lyons hometown and where Tara-Jean, Francis and Allie auditioned.

  • Yuliya Zavadska & Sharone Levit – just got immigration approved and came to audition.
  • Rebecca Morash – went to choreo, good audition
  • Curtis Jean – went to choreo, barely, and struggled. He walked off the stage during choreo in fact
  • Meaghan Deitrich – She had a condition when she was 16 where her knee caps dislocated. She has had surgery and dances ballet beautifully now. She went to finals.
  • Chris Pelrine – Cheesey Tap Dancer who did not make it through.
  • Krista Mitchnick – She was cute and had a good look for the show but seemed too tight for me, the judges sent her to choreo
  • Janaye Upshaw – I really liked her a lot. She talked about her stage mom and she did a tap routine. I thought she was awesome, the judges said she was comfortable. She went right to finals.
  • Catherine Turcotte – She did Ballroom well but her face bugged me, she did this puffy cheek thing. Judges called her “urban” and Last year auditioned with Vincent but this year solo – went to chore.
  • Leah Miller “keep warm” Boot Camp outside had dancers trying to keep warm.

  • Trevor Johnson – I wasn’t paying attention but he walked out of Blake boot camp so *shrugs*
  • Katiana Pare – lost her father and dances out her emotions, was sent right to finals.
  • Roxanne – the cheerleader from Toronto who forgot her routine. She was sent to choreo but didn’t make it.
  • Here is what changed my mind (slightly) about Leah Miller.

    She did Blake Boot Camp!!!!! I was really shocked – I don’t LIKE her yet, but I don’t hate her as much ha!

    Boot Camp Results:
    Catherine – yes
    Roxanne – no
    Krista – no
    Curtis – quit then had muscle cramps and dehydtration
    Rebecca – yes
    Other “yes” to finals – Tyrell, Gabriel, Alison, Alexandra, alex, allie.

    Tomorrow is the one I am most looking forward too – VANCOUVER!

    Spandy Andy will be back (in fact he has an event at a local pub tomorrow to watch SYTYCD Canada with him – I can’t go I have to work)

    If you don’t know who Spandy Andy is I will post on him… he’s quite the character.

    I Written By

    I am a blogger and reality tv lover. I blog here for SYTYCD but mostly the Canada version, since I live in Vancouver BC. I also blog about other reality tv shows on my own blog

    It’s a Girl for Nat Bassingthwaighte! Harper Rain Sinclair McGlinchey

    SO You Think You Can Dance host Natalie Bassingthwaighte is celebrating the birth of her first child.
    Bassingthwaighte, a two-time Gold Logie nominee, and her partner, Cameron McGlinchey, welcomed a daughter, Harper Rain Sinclair McGlinchey yesterday afternoon.

    The child was born weighing 3.22kg at a private Melbourne hospital.

    “Natalie Bassingthwaighte is a mum,” her manager, Mark Byrne, confirmed last night. “Mum and daughter are both perfect.”

    The safe arrival of their tiny bundle of joy caps an exciting few months for Bassingthwaighte and McGlinchey.

    The couple announced their engagement last month after a four-year romance, and they have been eagerly awaiting parenthood, with the popular singer, host and actor revelling in her pregnancy.

    “Starting a family is one of my biggest goals,” Bassingthwaighte said in November.

    “I would love that, it would complete everything.”

    Bassingthwaighte and McGlinchey started dating in 2006 after meeting when she joined electro-pop group the Rogue Traders. He was the drummer.

    “For us, it was always about the time being right,” McGlinchey said of parenthood in May.

    “Now the time is right.

    “It’s an opportunity to bring something good into the world.”

    I think Harper is a beautiful name but not too sure about Sinclair for a middle name it sounds too much of a surname

    I Written By

    Twitter News

    I posted SYTYCD Canada Twitter Accounts the other day, but today I was looking to see what some of the SYTYCD personalities had posted about the Toronto Auditions or the show in general. Also, I saw a few of the choreographers and judges chatting on twitter which makes me excited that we may have some awesome people coming to Toronto for SYTYCD Canada.

    Benji chatting with judge Luther Brown:

    ..maybe coming to the show as a guest?

    Cool news, Miles was in Vancouver to audition for the CWs new show Hell Cats staring Ashley Tisdale and Aly Michalka.

    Also, look who is headed to Toronto:

    I am sure she will guest host and/or choreo… to be honest, I prefer her as a choreographer because she is amazing and as a judge, well, she just get too emotional one way or another. I know she is working with Blake for his video for “RELAX” They are in rehearsals now.

    Finally, Blake reminds you to tune in tonight:

    I Written By

    I am a blogger and reality tv lover. I blog here for SYTYCD but mostly the Canada version, since I live in Vancouver BC. I also blog about other reality tv shows on my own blog

    SYTYCDC 3 – Judges, Background Info, and More! – Toronto Auditions

    Hey everyone! We’re FINALLY back fueled by an exciting, brand spanking new premiere of So You Think You Can Dance Canada – Season 3! This season promises to be even more amazing than ever before – that seems to be tough to fathom at the moment, but Canada hardly ever fails to rise to the occasion! Today, I will be introducing the judges to all of our new (and returning) viewers.


    Jean-Marc Généreux: Executive producer, and permanent judge. Ballroom champion (in the 80s, retired in 1998) with partner and wife France Mousseau. Has two children (Jean-Francis & Francesca). Choreographer on American version of SYTYCD. Appeared in Dance With Me (1998) & Shall We Dance (2004). Recently appeared on an episode of Degrassi: The Next Generation (2010).

    Tré Armstrong: Permanent judge. Noted for her choreography, dance, and acting. Appeared on Canadian Idol, BET (Black Entertainment Television)’s 106 & Park, and MTV’s Video Music Awards, just to name a few. Has worked internationally. Featured in critically-acclaimed documentary “Breakin’ In: The Making of a Hip Hop Dancer”.

    Luther Brown: Permanent judge. Born in Kingston, Jamaica. Recognized by him wearing his shades most of the time. 😀 Renowned Canadian choreographer and a star in the Toronto dance community. Founder of Do Dat Entertainment and co-owner of OIP Dance Centre in Toronto. Has own music record label, “Apathamusic”.

    Audition Stand-Outs & Background Info About Them

    This is when I review some of my favourites, some stand outs, and then talk about their background information not discussed on the show. Before I begin, I just want to make it clear that some of these dancers are competition-styled dancers and have trained in more than their own genre of dance, have many more connections in the dance world than others, and are usually more versatile.

    Shavar “Caution” Blackwood, 24, Toronto: Brother of Leon Blackwood (who auditioned before, I think, and teaches at OIP Dance Centre). He teaches at City Dance Corps in Toronto. Loved that he did a more fluid style of hip hop, and took ballet lessons with his friend Rodrigo to strengthen his foundation. I predict that he will make it to the Top 20.

    Kirstie Keenan, 18, Bolton: Mother is diagnosed with lupus and grandmother recently passed away. Her dancing is inspirational. I find her movement and the way she carries herself quite masculine. 2nd place Top Mark Soloist for Dancefest Canada 2009. I predict that she will make it to the Top 40?

    Charlene Hart, 22: Great blend of styles in her audition. Luther Brown said that she looks like she works on a cruise ship. HOW DOES ONESELF KNOW THAT?!

    Jesse Weafer, 24, Aurora: Very technically trained dancer. Great energy, musicality, and portrays emotion well. I love that he used a Florence + The Machine song. 🙂 He is one of my favourites so far, and he is just SO So You Think You Can Dance. He played “IQ” in Hairspray. Went to Unionville High School (Markham, ON) where he did the Arts York program (very prestigious high school and program). You can watch some of his dance videos from a while back on his YouTube channel: Watch the video to see what he thought about his role in Hairspray:

    Jennifer Abbey, 23, Etobicoke (listed as Toronto): Love this girl SFM! Reminds me of Comfort Fedoke. Great image and charisma. Used to be in a girl group called Cookie Couture.

    Andrew “Pyro” Chung: I think he was a tad overrated, to be completely honest. It seems that there is a lot of comparison between him and the other Asian b-boy who made it straight to the Finals (Christian “Cee”). I don’t think he should’ve made it straight to the Finals – but he does have skill and technique. (EDIT: I just realized I actually know who this guy is. He teaches at VybE Dance Studio and I actually see him all the time! Don’t kill me.)

    Adam Sergison, 21?, Toronto: His audition clip was briefly shown, but he is a stand out to me because I know him! We used to go to the same studio (but not at the same time). He has taught me classes before. Has previously auditioned in Season 1 but did not make it to the Top 20. Casted in Camp Rock and We Will Rock You musical. Great technique.

    Lineen Doung (pronounced Linen, like the fabric), 24, Toronto: His audition clip wasn’t even shown, but I caught glimpses of him, and they said his name as part of the dancers who made it to the Blake Boot Camp round! I know Lineen as well. I just took a class from him less than a week ago. He teaches regularly at Gotta Dance Studio and sometimes at OIP Dance Centre as well. He is a recent graduate from McMaster University, where he double majored in Physics and Finance/Economics. His YouTube channel:

    THIS SEASON IS EXCITING ALREADY! I can’t wait for some more auditions and familiar faces! 🙂

    I Written By