Twitter News

I posted SYTYCD Canada Twitter Accounts the other day, but today I was looking to see what some of the SYTYCD personalities had posted about the Toronto Auditions or the show in general. Also, I saw a few of the choreographers and judges chatting on twitter which makes me excited that we may have some awesome people coming to Toronto for SYTYCD Canada.

Benji chatting with judge Luther Brown:

..maybe coming to the show as a guest?

Cool news, Miles was in Vancouver to audition for the CWs new show Hell Cats staring Ashley Tisdale and Aly Michalka.

Also, look who is headed to Toronto:

I am sure she will guest host and/or choreo… to be honest, I prefer her as a choreographer because she is amazing and as a judge, well, she just get too emotional one way or another. I know she is working with Blake for his video for “RELAX” They are in rehearsals now.

Finally, Blake reminds you to tune in tonight: