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SYTYCDC 3 – Stand Outs and BG Info from Calgary/Halifax Auditions

It surely looks like an incredibly busy week! I am back with more (significant) background information that viewers should know about the stand out dancers from the Calgary & Halifax auditions. Somebody mentioned to me before (I forgot who) that it is so much better if we knew more about the dancers, individually beforehand, so that we have a clearer understanding of why they dance the way they dance, how much training they actually have, and ultimately, who we should vote for. I couldn’t agree more.


Jo Roy 18 Edmonton > Amazing blend of styles. She has this uniqueness about her that really makes her stand out. Love her technique and she has undeniable talent. I would like to see her krump it out!

Kevin Howe 21 Ottawa, ON > Auditioned in Season 1 but cut in Ballroom round during Finals. He is obviously a competition dancer and is very technically trained. He seems to be quite popular in the dance world (Canadian one, at least) already.

Jera Wolfe 19 NS > SO AMAZING. My new favourite already. 😀 Has an amazing repetoire of styles to dance from. He blends styles almost effortlessly. I believe he will be a sure in for the Top 20. He is auditioning with one of his own pieces in the video below (in which he looks like an amazing dancing vampire HAHA):

Julia Harnett 25 Calgary > Auditioned with partner Rufino Rodriguez (23). Her ethnicity is already of interest to me. She is trained in ballet AND ballroom – she will definitely be a force to  be reckoned with, if she makes the Top 20, in which I believe she will.

HALIFAX AUDITIONS (“Haligonians” … Teehee!)

Yuliya Zavadska & Sharone Lewit ? Vaughan ON > Love that they’re showing how multicultural and welcoming Canada is. I don’t live far from Vaughan at all, but I’ve never heard of this duo. The Internet has a lot of search results for Yuliya though. She seems to be very good. Top 20 material, if they wanted a ballroom girl.

Alexandra Crenian ? Mississauga ON > Now, her audition wasn’t shown, but she was briefly shown during the “shaking/nervous” scene and also when they showed who made it to the Finals. She is Miles Faber (SYTYCDC 1)’s girlfriend. I’m not kidding. She’s a gorgeous and talented one. I briefly ‘met’ her at the iDance 2010 convention in Mississauga and she says she teaches in Mississauga most of the time. She was Miles’ assistant and this girl is amazing at hip-hop. I think she will be a part of the Top 20, TBH!

Curtis Jean 21 Halifax > At first, I thought he was a bit underrated. Yes, not overrated. And then I realized his moves were quite sloppy and he acted as if he was superior to everyone else. And then he had some  muscle spasms and pain. And then he quit. And then I was like – okay no more love for this guy. Sorry!

SO THERE WE HAVE IT! Calgary & Halifax auditions! I think they cut out the Saint John auditions this year? Correct me if I’m wrong. I actually missed the Vancouver auditions tonight believing they would air at 9PM, but in reality, they aired at 8PM. Poo. See you all next time! Enjoy!

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SYTYCD (CA) Calgary & Halifax Audition Music

I’m so excited cause the first episode of SYTYCD (CA) is finally up, so watching the Toronto episodes will be my reward for finishing the music post. 😛 Thanks to Mandy and AJ again for sending in the music. Tra la la…


Steven Morton: Jann Arden’s “Waiting in Canada”
Jo Roy: Tchaikovsky’s “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” – Dance
Superstition ontage: Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition” – Superstition
Devorou Scott: Lil Wayne’s “Get In”
Christina Schell: Chris Garneau’s “Relief” – Relief
Kevin Howe: OneRepublic’s “Marchin’ On” – Marchin
Jera Wolfe interview: Phoenix’s “1901” – 1901
Jera Wolf audition: Bloc Party’s “Flux” – Flux
Carlena Britch:
Angela Benson: Blondie’s “Call Me” – Call
Arik Pipestem:
Julia Harnett and Rufino Rodrigez: Michael Buble’s “Georgia On My Mind” – Georgia
Bad Dancers Montage: Spose’s “I’m Awesome” -not on iTunes, so try “Pasadena Love Story” – Pasadena or “Dance to the Nuclear Stomp,” – Dancing because I love the title. 🙂
Shelaina Anderson: Sean McConnell’s “Madly in Love With You” – Madly
Alex Schween: Black Eyed Peas’ “Imma Be” – Imma
Edgar Gilbert–Reyes: James Brown’s “Gonna Have a Funky Good Time” – Gonna
Danielle Gardner: Lykke Li’s “Tonight” – Tonight
Montage of Toronto ticket holders – ?
Gary Benthem: Jay Sean’s “Do You Remember” – Do
Boot Camp Montage: The BeeGee’s “Stayin’ Alive” – Stayin'
Blake Boot Camp: Black Eyed Peas’ “Meet Me Halfway” – Meet


Yuliya Zavadska and Sharone Levit: Jackie Wilson’s “Reet Petite” – Reet
Montage: The Easybeats’ “She’s So Fine” – She's
Montage of nervous dancers – MetroStation’s “Shake It” –Shake
Rebecca Morash: Kerli’s “Walking on Air” – Walking
Curtis Jean: e40 “Gouda” – Gouda (again thanks to Mandy’s husband for identifying the song)
Meaghan Deitrich:
Chris Pelrine: OneRepublic’s “Marchin’ On” – Marchin
Krista Mitchnick: Sarah Connor’s “Under My Skin” or an English Cover of Jumon’s Mirotic (according to AJ) – 주문
Janaye Upshaw: Ani DiFranco’s “Both Hands” – Both
Catherine Turcotte: Ke$ha (ft. 3OH!3)’s “Blah Blah Blah” – Blah
Leah Miller “boot camp to keep warm” outside: BeeGee’s “You Should Be Dancing” – You
Trevor Johnson: ?
Katiana Pare: Wakey Wakey’s “Brooklyn” – Brooklyn
Blake Boot Camp: Black Eyed Peas’ “Meet Me Halfway” – Meet
Montage of dancers going to finals: Hedley’s “Cha-Ching” – Cha-Ching
Also used: Blake McGrath’s “The Night” – The
Salt n’ Peppa’s “Push It” – Push (instrumental?) (remix?) (cover?)

Since I’m going to watch the first episode in a few minutes, I’ll add music to the Toronto auditions if I can. Please chime in if you know any of the missing songs on this post!

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