SYTYCDC 3 – Stand Outs & BG Info – Vancouver

Vancouver! I’ve been there last year and I couldn’t agree more with the dancer who said that it’s best place for inspiration. The distinct scenery is absolutely breathtaking mixed with its rapidly growing urban environment. Let’s not waste any time and just jump into the stand-out auditions/dancers from the West Coast!

Kirsten Wicklund, 19, Vancouver: Amazing lines and technique. What stood out to me was her effortless grace and sensuality. Her moves are very feminine but can be explosive and strong when needed. She has great control. I believe she is Top 20 material.

Juliana Semenova, 19, Vancouver: She exudes sex appeal. Her technique is not bad, but can be more refined and stronger. She can impress with burlesque on the show too, which I’m sure a lot of (heterosexual) male viewers would be interested in. I think she has a better chance at making the Top 20 than her friend Daniela Dib. Unfortunately, I don’t think she will make it all the way.

Jeff Mortensen, 21, Edmonton AB: How amazing is he?! His audition was so breathtaking and exciting to watch. This is the only audition in Vancouver that actually gave me shivers! Jean-Marc commented on his potential being “endless”, and I couldn’t agree more! His amazing technique, flexibility, and control will take him far. He exudes athlete, dancer, and ultimately, performer. Top 20 material. He almost made it last year, but I feel like this year will be his lucky year.

Jonathan Arsenault, 25, Kitchener ON: I saw potential in him last season and I thought he was almost a sure in to make the Top 20. I believe he was cut right before? But I hope (do see) that this year will be his lucky year too. I’m so glad his health is much better too (the judges seem to be quite fond of this improvement)! This is Jon’s attempt at doing Hip Hop (I’m not sure if he was serious about this – it’s not that good TBH! But it’s funny and he’s charismatic):

“Spandy Andy” Rimer, 22, Red Deer AB: He definitely has improved! I actually see some star potential in him. He’s got great showmanship, as the judges noted, and I think if he had trained at an earlier age, he might have a chance at this competition. He should take this more seriously, but for now, it’s great to have him around. His “relationship” with Blake on the show is priceless! TBH, I think he would be a good candidate for break dancing!

Chelsea Hilbert, 21, Victoria: I had NO idea what her style was in the beginning. Hip Hop? …Jazz? Jazz Funk? I think she would be great for voguing (she’s got the look too). But other than that, this might sound a bit cruel, I think she only made it to the choreography round do to her story…Her moves could be a tad more energetic and sharper. I believe with much more training, she could improve. She does have good lines though. She needs to build her Jazz and Ballet vocabulary a lot more.

Sasha Kovac, 25, North Battleford SK: I haven’t ever really seen anybody quite like him, nor any dancer with his looks. I’ve been trying to do some research/background info on him but I actually can’t seem to find anything! WHO IS THIS MYSTERY MAN?! He’s very energetic but he needs to work on his control more. He seems like he could bring a lot of personality to the show too. I would actually LOVE to see him in the Top 20, to see him grow. And also to find out more about his background…

A general comment about Blake McGrath’s choreography to Meet Me Halfway by the Black Eyed Peas: IT’S INTENSE. How much harder can it get?! Don’t answer that – I’m scared now. Unfortunately, I missed the Montreal auditions on TV, so I won’t be able to post about that yet. I am planning to do a round up of all the contestants I believe will be a part of the Top 20 after Finals – which I believe airs tonight? This is an incredibly busy week! See you all next time (tomorrow?)!