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Mini Black Gold Concert – Just for You!

So I stumbled upon this series of Black Gold performances from Spinner earlier. They’re really beautiful quality and the guys sound amazing. I can’t help feeling a little proud, like some of their success is due to SYTYCD (and us!), just like with Christina Perri and her song “Jar of Hearts” Jar.

They play “Shine” Rush first, of course. But then they play some of their other songs – “Dreams & Reveries,” “The Breakdown” and “The Comedown.” I could totally see “The Comedown” The being used for a Mandy Moore jazzy contemporary – it’s got just enough of that funky retro 80s vibe to be right up her alley. Dare I say Eric sounds a little Bowie-esque? Maybe a bit T.Rex-ish? Tell me what you think!

And there’s an interview, fyi. I’m still partial to my own interview with Eric, of course, but it’s really cool to see Than talk a bit, since he wasn’t around when we recorded. I met him later, but we didn’t get it recorded for posterity. 🙂 Anyway, the best part of the interview is when Than is so passionate talking about his vintage instruments.

If you’re a bit sick of all my raving and maybe you think you’ve heard “Shine” too many times on the show, take a moment to listen to one of their other songs or watch these videos (they’re great performers!) and you’ll quickly see why I love them so much. For instance, check out “Breakdown” below:

August 21, 2010 I Written By

And The Emmy Goes To…

an Dance — WordPress.

Congrats Mia on your second Emmy win for “Addiction”

*Thanks to twitter for all of my info about Mia’s Emmy win.

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