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So You Think You Can Dance Canada Top 20 Reveal

I’ve been away for a few days and between AJ, Emilie and me we will get caught up on the music posts ASAP.

Now, onto tonight’s Top 20 Reveal.

The first thing you need to know is that it became a TOP 22!!! 11 males and 11 females will be on the show.

Here is who made it:

Jesse Weafer, 26, Aurora, Ont.
Shavar Blackwood, 25, Toronto
Mackenzie Green, 20, Regina
Yonni Fournier, 27, Montreal
Jeff Mortensen, 22, Edmonton, Alb
Denys Drozdyuk, 25, Toronto, Ont
Hani Abaza, 26, Ottawa, Ont
Jera Wolfe, 19, Inverness, N.S.
Edgar Gilbert – Reyes, 22, Calgary, Alb
Sebastian Mersch, 21, Toronto, Ont
Jonathan Arsenault, 26, Kitchener, Ont.

Amanda Cleghorn, 19, Mississauga, Ont
Kirsten Wicklun, 20, Vancouver, BC
Shelaina Anderson, 19, Edmonton, Alb
Charlene Hart, 22, Abbotsford, BC
Julia Harnett, 27, Calgary, Alb
Janick Arseneau, 20, Bathurst, N.B.
Claudia Primeau, 26, Montreal Que
Danielle Gardner, 21, Surrey, BC
Nathalie Heath, 23, Surrey, B.C.
Kloé Schultz, 20, North Bay, Ont.
Bree Wasyenko, 22, Toronto, Ontario

Justin (Tap) will perform a solo in finale

What do you think?

After choosing the top 10 males they brought Jonathan out to let him know he would be part of the top 22.
During the females they brought out the last 3 girls, who didn’t know about the top 22 and that they all made it.

Some of the “yes” and “no” comments were so cruel, more than usual… “YOu just aren’t top 20 material I am sorry…. you are TOP 10”

Those poor dancers, it’s a wonder they don’t have heart attacks on the spot!!!

Anyways, that’s your TOP 22!!

CTV has Top 22 photo shoot album up here.

August 22, 2010 I Written By

I am a blogger and reality tv lover. I blog here for SYTYCD but mostly the Canada version, since I live in Vancouver BC. I also blog about other reality tv shows on my own blog

Top SYTYCD Music of Season 7 – the Monster Music Post

I’ve been working on this post for a while and luckily I got a lot of help from my fellow writers here at PureSYTYCD. I suspect that y’all have been waiting for it, after all my teasing.

Not only are we listing YOUR favorite songs from the season, but we’re also recommending songs you may like for each of the top songs. Whew. It’s been a lot of work, but we love you and you’re great readers so it’s all worth it.

The numbers were hard to figure out, but they’re pretty accurately your favorite songs from Season 7. Please let everybody know if a song suggestion jumps out at you – I bet our readers know a lot of great music in the same vein as some of these phenomenal songs. With no further ado…

1. Lissie’s “Everywhere I Go” – Everywhere

**This is a HARD one. Not because there aren’t a lot of female vocalists that I love, but because I love Lissie so much and I want to be careful who I liken her to. However, Sydney Wayser is a very good one to recommend. Try “Carousel” – Carousel and her free Daytrotter session download. I really like Isobel Campbell for example “Come Undone” – Come and “Who Built the Road” – Who. And there’s always Ellie Goulding, who’s very different from Lissie, but has sung “Everywhere I Go” with her. Try “Starry-Eyed” – Starry

2. Damien Rice’s “Prague” – O

**Margaret suggests Josh Kelley’s “Almost Honest” – Almost
**I recommend Greg Laswell’s “And Then You” – And, which I heard on the Vancouver audition episode of SYTYCD Canada Season 3.

3. Christina Perri’s “Jar of Hearts” – Jar

**Margaret suggests Sara Bareilles’s new song “King of Anything” – King
**I suggest The Pretty Reckless’s “Make Me Wanna Die” – Make

4. Lil Jon ft. LMFAO’s “Outta Your Mind” – Outta

**Amanda recommends Enrique Inglesias ft. Pitbull’s “I Like It,” – I, which was featured on SYTYCD this season, actually.

5. Annie Lennox’s “Wonderful” – Bare

**I recommend Ashley Chambliss “A Little More of You” – A from SYTYCD Canada Season from the Vancouver auditions.

6. Tom McRae’s “You Only Disappear” – You

**I recommend Matt Duke’s “Rabbit” – Rabbit, also from SYTYCD Canada’s Vancouver auditions.

7. Roisin Murphy’s “Sinking Feeling” – Sinking

**Something by Josefine Cronholm, who “I discovered” from watching the film MirrorMask and seeing that sequence with her disjointed, haunting cover of “Close to You”, which immediately reminded me of Mia Sara’s dance to the evil side in Legend. 🙂 Try “In Your Wild Garden” –In. Also Kate Miller-Heidke’s “Politics in Space” – Politics (this would make a great routine!)

8. Skunk Anansie’s “Squander” – Squander and Thomas Dybdahl’s “Adelaide” – Adelaide, which is kind of a weird choice, but I think it works. He kinda sounds like Anthony and the Johnsons, fyi. He’s my new favorite find and I found him because I did this post. 🙂

**I recommend Zola Jesus’s “Sea Talk,” which you can download free from rcrdlbl.

9. DeVotchka’s “How It Ends” – How

**I recommend Beirut, particularly “Nantes” – Nantes or “Cherbourg” – Cherbourg

10. Crookers ft. Roisin Murphy’s “Royal T” – Defected

**I’m thinking maybe Sky Ferreira’s “17” – 17 or maybe this song I just found, Noor Kamil’s “Indestructible” – Indestructible

11. Florence + the Machine’s “Cosmic Love” – Cosmic and “Addicted to Love” – Florence + The Machine - Addicted to Love - Single - Addicted to Love and “Dog Days Are Over,” Dog

**Margaret recommends Feist’s “Mushaboom” – Mushaboom
**Marianya recommended another Feist song (“I Feel It All” – I), then switched to Metric’s “Help I’m Alive” – Help, which is a great choice. Both of them, really.
**I recommend A Fine Frenzy’s “Electric Twist” – Electric

12. My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult’s “Wasted Time” – Wasted

**I recommend Julian Casablancas’s “River of Brakelights” – River

13. Sam Sparro’s “Black and Gold” – Black

**I recommend Thieves Like Us’s “Forget Me Not” – Forget or O.Children’s “Dead Disco Dancer” – Dead

14. Ryan Leslie’s “You’re Not My Girl” – You're

**I recommend Anine Stang’s “Trying You On.” Even though it’s in English, she’s Swedish or Finnish and I haven’t been able to find the song on iTunes. The first line is “You’re not my boyfriend,” though. 🙂

15. Janelle Monae’s “Tightrope” – Tightrope

**I recommend Paloma Faith’s “New York” – New or moi’s “After You, Sir”

16. Telepathe’s “Lights Go Down” – Lights

**Marianya recommends Autolux’s “Asleep at the Trigger” – Asleep or School of Seven Bells’ “Connjur” – Connjur

17. Basement Jaxx ft. Kelis, Meleka and Chipmunk’s “Scars” – Scars

**Marianya recommends the Felix Da Housecat Heavenly House mix of Nina Simone’s “Sinnerman” – Sinnerman I concur – I love Nina!
**I recommend Andrew Graham and Swarming Branch’s “Take It Easy on Kathy At Least She Can Dance” – Take

18. Rebecca Sayre “New Girl” – Rebecca Sayre - New Girl - New Girl

**I recommend Kate Voegele’s “Manhattan From the Sky” – Manhattan

19. Michael Andrews ft. Gary Jules’s “Mad World” – Mad

**I recommend The Weepies’ “The World Spins Madly On” – World

20. Anouk’s “Lost” – Lost

**I recommend Lykke Li’s “I’m Good, I’m Gone” – I'm

21. Last Voices’ “Jungle” – Jungle

**I recommend Bomba Estero’s “Fuego” – Fuego

22. Dinah Washington’s “Is You or Is You Ain’t My Baby? (Rae & Christian remix” – Is

**Marianya suggested Dick Haymes’s “They Can’t Take That Away From Me” – They
**I recommend Anna Christoffersson’s “Remember Me” – Remember

23. Howie Day’s “Collide” – Collide

**Margaret recommends Jazon Mraz’s “Details in the Fabric” – Details which was used in the Toronto audition episode of SYTYCD Canada this year. They use great music, those Canadians. 🙂

24. D.H.T. ft. Edmee’s “Listen to Your Heart” –Listen

**I recommend Sky Ferreira and DJ Skeet Skeet’s cover of “Stand Back”

25. Kosheen’s “Hide U” – Hide

**Marianya recommends Conjure One’s “Endless Dream” – Endless or FC Kahuna’s “Hayling” – Hayling, though these songs are very different from each other.

26. V.V. Brown’s “L.O.V.E.” – L.O.V.E

**Marianya recommends KT Tunstall’s “Suddenly I See” – Suddenly, which she reminded me was the elimination song on SYTYCD Season Two.
**I recommend Martine Marbel’s “Hypocrisy.”

27. Black Gold‘s “Shine” – Shine

**I heard Neon Trees’ “Animal” – Animal on the radio this morning and it seemed to have some of the same flavor. Plus, I love this song. Also, maybe you’d like Miniature Tigers’ “Cannibal Queen” – Cannibal, too.

28. Project Jenny, Project Jan ft. So Percussion’s “You Said” – You

**Again, though it was originally my suggestion and not used on the show, I’m still gonna recommend another. Yawn’s “Kind of Guy” Kind, which is awesome and would make a great routine.

29. Ryan Calhoon “Who We Are” – Ryan Calhoun - Everything That I'm Not - Who We Are

**Margaret suggested Jon McLaughlin’s “Human” –Human, which rocks.
**I recommend Brett Dennen’s “Because You Are A Woman” – Because

30. N.E.R.D. ft Nelly Furtado’s “Hot-N-Fun” – Hot-n-Fun

**I recommend Santogold, Juliana Casablancas and N.E.R.D’s “My Drive Thru”

31. Jimmy James “Fashionista” – Jimmy James - Jamestown - Fashionista

**Marianya recommended RuPaul’s “Jealous of My Boogie” – Jealous
**I recommend Maximilian’s “Back to Start” – Back. He’s from Norway.

32. Kate Nash’s “Nicest Thing” – Kate Nash - Made of Bricks (Bonus Track Version) - Nicest Thing

**Margaret suggested Regina Spektor’s “Us” – Us
**Marianya recommended Regina Spektor’s “On the Radio” – On (Isn’t it cute how they keep picking the same artists? Lol)
**Much as I love Regina, I’m gonna pick Jenny Owen Youngs’s “Porchrail” – Porchrail. My favorite song of hers has a cussword in the title and throughout, so I know I’ll never see it on SYTYCD, but “Porchrail” is also really good. 🙂

33. Amy Winehouse’s “Amy Amy Amy” – Frank

**Marianya recommends Raheem DeVaughn’s “Revelations 2010”
**I recommend Van She’s “Strangers” – Strangers or Beth Hart’s “Am I the One” – Am. They’re weird choices, but you’ll like the songs. 🙂

34. Sylvestor “Summertime” – Mutual

**How about a reggae version of “Must’ve Been Love” Must've by Michelle Gordon?

35. Kate Earl “Impossible – Impossible

**Even though this was already my recommendation and not used on the show, I’m still gonna recommend another song sorta like it. A Fine Frenzy’s “Almost Lover” – Almost

36. Ludacris and Nicki Minaj’s “My Chick Bad” – My

**I recommend Santogold’s “I’m a Lady” – I'm

37. Katie Thompson’s “Heaven Is a Place on Earth” – Heaven

**John actually reminded me of Elisa’s “Dancing” – Dancing and “Rainbow” – Rainbow which were featured in Season 3.
**I also recommend The Watson Twins’s “Just Like Heaven” – Just, which has been featured on True Blood.

38. Astor Piazolla’s “Oblivion” – Oblivion

**Marianya recommends Pablo Agri Sexteto’s “Eramos Tan Jovenes” – Eramos or something by Bond, maybe like “Allegretto” – Allegretto

39. Coldplay’s “Fix You” – Fix

**Margaret recommends The Weepies’s “Can’t Go Back Now” – Can't
**Marianya recommends Keane’s “Somewhere Only We Know” – Somewhere

40. Debi Nova’s “Drummer Boy (SYTYCD remix)” – Drummer

**I recommend a possibly crazy choice (but great song), Fol Chen’s “In Ruins” – In

41. Kid Sister’s “Pro Nails (Rusko remix)” – Pro or Robyn’s “Bum Like You” – Bum

**Marianya recommends Hyper Crush’s “Robo Tech” – Robo

42. Joshua Radin’s “Sundrenched World” – Sundrenched

**I recommend Matthew Ryan’s “Jane, I Still Feel the Same” – Jane, and of course, another one of my favorite songs ever, Joshua Radin and Patty Griffin’s “You Got Growing Up to Do” – You

43. David Guetta and Kelly Rowland’s “When Love Takes Over” – When

**Amanda recommends Flo Rida’s “Club Can’t Handle Me” – Club
**I suggest Ida Maria’s “I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked” – I

44. Florence + the Machine’s “The Drumming Song” – Drumming

**I recommend Peggy Sue’s “Watchman” – Watchman

45. Cinematic Orchestra’s “That Home” – That

**I recommend Thomas Dybdahl’s “Someday You’ll Dance for Me New York City” – One. Told you I’m loving this dude. 🙂

46. 3OH!3 ft. Ke$ha’s “My First Kiss” – My, which was on my predicted music list

**I recommend Swedish singer Pernille’s “Turn the Lights Off” – Turn

47. District 78’s “Battle for the Beat” – Battle

**I recommend Madcon’s “Glow” – Glow

48. Melissa Etheridge’s “Fearless Love” – Fearless

**Marianya recommends Civil Twilight’s “Quiet in My Town” – Quiet
**I recommend Krista Detor’s “Dancing in a Minefield” – Dancing

49. Trevor Hall’s “Parachutes” – Parachutes

**I recommend Ben Harper’s “Show Me a Little Shame” – Show

50. Train’s “The Finish Line” – The

**Marianya recommends Drift Effect’s “Shifting Plates” – Shifting

And your lagniappe…
51. Max Richter and Dinah Washington’s “This Bitter Earth/On the Nature of Daylight” – Max Richter & Dinah Washington - Shutter Island (Music from the Motion Picture) - This Bitter Earth / On the Nature of Daylight from the “Shutter Island” soundtrack.

**Mariyana recommends Ray Charles’s “That Lucky Old Sun” – That
**My weird suggestion is Joshua Bell’s “The Gypsies/Journey Across Europe” – The from “The Red Violin” soundtrack.

And there you have it. Sorry for taking up almost the entire front page. 🙂 Enjoy!!

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SYTYCDC 3 – Who Will Be in the TOP 20?!

As we all (should) know, the reveal of which Canadian dancers will be in Season 3’s Top 20 will be revealed tonight at 9PM ET on CTV. I haven’t been able to watch the Montreal auditions yet but I do recognize some Montreal dancers who tried out previously who deserve to make it into the Top 20 this year. I have also seen the Finals Week episode, so hopefully that reinforced my predictions. Once again – these are just PREDICTIONS – NOT the actual Top 20.


Top 10 Males
Jera Wolfe
Jonathan Arsenault
Jesse Weafer
Andrew “Pyro” Chung
Sebastian Mersch
Shavar “Caution” Blackwood
Kevin Howe
Jeff Mortensen
Justin (Tap)
Dennis (Ballroom)

Top 10 Females
Alexandra Crenian
Geisha Chin
Danielle Gardner
Jenny Dailey
Breanne Wasylenko
Kirsten Wicklund
Natalie Heath
Chloe Peers
Amanda Cleghorn
Yana (Ballroom)

I Written By