Vancouver Represent – SYTYCD Canada Top 20 has West Coast Flavour

I am biased.

I was born and riased in Vancouver and although I have family across Canada my heart is and always be, WEST COAST!!!

I am thrilled with the Vancouver representation in the Top dancers!!

Charlene Hart, 22, Abbotsford, B.C.
Danielle Gardner, 21, Surrey, B.C.
Kirsten Wicklun, 20, Vancouver
Nathalie Heath, 23, Surrey, B.C.

I will be rooting for these hometown gals the whole season!!!

I really like Danielle especially seeing how much she has overcome medically. I still worry about her health, but fingers crossed she stays healthy!

All four ladies are super talented and I am excited to see some west coast flavour on the show!

Here is a local news article on the gals:

Surrey’s Danielle Gardner, 21, and Nathalie Heath, 23, are both in the coveted group of 11 men and 11 women from about 150 dancers that were selected from an audition phase held across Canada earlier this year. Another finalist, Kristen Wicklund, 20, is listed as being from Vancouver, but attended Fraser Heights Secondary in Surrey.

Gardner has been dancing since she was a toddler, attended Langley Fine Arts School and is experienced in all types of dance. Heath started dancing at age four and in addition to contemporary, is trained in jazz, ballet, modern, musical theatre, street jazz and hip hop. Wicklund’s background is mainly in ballet, but she’s also experienced in other styles through her formal training.

The local trio join Abbotsford dancer Charlene Hart to comprise the four B.C. dancers in the top 22.