SYTYCD Canada Twitter Round-Up

Here’s the buzz on twitter surrounding SYTYCD Canada.

@BlakeMcGrath tweets daily to rewuest “RELAX” on the radio, also on Saturday he wished the dancers good luck and then tweeted this after the show:

Good show! Great job dancers! Out for dinner and drinks with @jpricchio and @mmraw

Me and my baby back again @mmraw I love her. Were taking off. Ready.

Stacey Tookey tweeted:
Taping is almost done now!! Be sure to watch on Mon night … It’s gonna be a great show!!

Also Melanie Laptain is on twitter and choreo’d this week, can’t wait to see this week’s show. Hoping we see Mia choreo as sheis in Toronto for Dance Team Canada Auditions with John-Paul Ricchio

Any other twitter news? add in the comments!