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Twitch to Guest Star on Bones in November for a Dance Episode

Me thinks someone over at Bones is a closet reality TV addict. The Fox hit—which just wrapped production on a Jersey Shore-inspired episode—is now setting its sights on So You Think You Can Dance.

Although not an outright homage to Fox’s summertime sleeper, the episode will take Booth and Brennan into the world of street performers and feature a guest appearance by SYTYCD MVP and burgeoning actor Stephen “tWitch” Boss.
The cycle 4 runner-up—who returned this past season as an all-star and took part in what was arguably one of the best hip-hop numbers in SYTYCD history—will play a suspect in the murder of a popular street entertainer.

Boss, whose Bones episode is slated to air in November, appeared in this summer’s big-screen dance spectacle, Step Up 3D.

September 8, 2010 I Written By

SYTYCD Canada Top 18 Dancer’s Pet Peeves

On Monday Night before the Top 18 became a Top 16, we found out what the SYTYCD Canada Dancers Pet Peeves are….

Julia – laundry
Jeff – putting dishes away
Jonathan – his mom putting the dishwasher soap under the sink
Denys – people who are late
Edgar – waiting for people
Shavar – feet
Jera – biting nails
Danielle-costume wedgies
Jesse-Slow people who Stop and you smack into them walking
Amanda – being poked
Charlene – being snuck up on
Janick – Styrofoam
Kloe – the sound of chewing a banana
Kirsten – jay walking
Claudia-writing your life on facebook
Sebastian-new text message lingo

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