Power Rankings SYTYCD Canada Top 16

This week was tough. There were a few great routines and few not-so-great routines…

Tre Armstrong
Rex Harrington
Stacey Tookey

Time Change Next Week:
Wednesday 8pm

In the opening they discussed why they do not discuss why dancers go home like the American show does. They said that there is No time to explain decisions in 30 minutes versus 60 minutes in USA. They also said that when they learn the results they also learn the number of votes. The “Dance for your lives solo” can save them, for example last week Jera and Kirsten had lowest votes but Kirsten’s solo saved her, but often who ever hads the lowest votes is who goes home unless their solo is exceptional.

With that out of the way, the dancing began – here are my power rankings… I am pretty tired so I am not sure how accurate I will be this week so please feel free to comment, disagree, agree or whatever!

********** TOP 3 **********

1 – Nathalie & Mackenzie
Contemporary – Blake McGrath
After Afterall – William Fitzsimmons – After

So passionate and strong. I loved every moment. I am even more impressed it was about Mia and him.

2 – Janick & Shavar
Contemporary – Mandy Moore
Ordinary Moment – Fisher – Ordinary

Very well done. I loved the use of the table. Shavar was a great partner in my opinion, he had her and moved her and it was beautiful. There was one minor trip-up but they recovered well. Love Mandy’s pieces!

3 – Charlene & Jeff
Jazz – Sean Cheeseman
Christina Aguilera – Desnudate – Desnudate

Garden of Eden Theme was nice, lot’s of sexiness and bare skin. I liked the tunnels they moved in and on. When she crawled down him it was awesome. Some nice spins and jumps also. The routine was hot!

********** MIDDLE 2 **********

4 – Claudia & Edgar
Mambo – Gustavo Vargas
Le Reina – La Lupe – La

She is ballroom so I expected awesome and she was. He impressed me also! I really enjoyed it!

5 – Kirsten & Jesse
Rhumba –Eric Caty & Kelly Lannan
ALways – Bon Jovi – Always

I love this song. Some of the moves were absolutely stunning. I loved the unwrapping spin and jumps, goose bumps and you know what that means… Top 3… but they were both in bottom three last week, they both lost their partners last week and I fear that they may not get enough votes, but let me tell you THEY DESERVE THEM!! I will be voting for them repeatedly to compensate for Canada’s lack of votes for them in the past! I .worry they will be bottom 3

********** BOTTOM 3 **********

6 – Amanda & Denys
House – Sho-Tyme
Hey Hey – Dennis Ferrer – Hey

Out of synch at times, it was a little strange for me. I am not sure what Rex was watching saying they were in synch, maybe at times. The judges seem to almost always praise anyways. Perhaps it was the hardest footwork, in which case they did well, overall, moments of fun but just average for me.

7 – Danielle& Sebastian
Hip Hop – Luther Brown
Hard – Rihanna – Hard

I felt like Danielle was not hard hitting enough. It wasn’t good, in fact is was really good, sexy moments event. But it just felt soft for me. That being said their hip grooving was awesome. Still I think it was too weak for this week.

8 – Kloe & Jonathan
New disco – Melissa Williams
If I had You – Adam Lambert – If

Modern version it did not feel very disco like. Very strong lifts and spins. It was not as fast as I anticipated until the end with the hand motions. Overall very sexy and fun.

To be honest I am not sure about my rankings… I am sure about my top 3, they were my favourite. Where I am unsure is that my middle two are ranked middle based on THIS WEEK…. but based on all weeks I think they will actually be in the bottom….

Time will tell – check back tomorrow for results!