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In Defense of International All-Stars

In my last post about potential Season 8 All-Stars, I asked whether people would like to see dancers from SYTYCD around the world participate as All-Stars. So far, it’s not very positive. Allow me to post these videos as defense for the awesomeness of my idea. 🙂

Exhibit 1 – Denys and Amanda of SYTYCD Canada Season 3 (Winner and Runner-Up)

This was their FIRST performance together and made it pretty obvious that they were going all the way. Mary Murphy cameo, fyi.

You should watch all their routines, but their “Hey Hey” house routine was pretty impressive.

Exhibit 2 – Robbie and Ivy of SYTYCD Australia Season 3 (Winner and 3rd place)

NOBODY thought Robbie would pull off a Paso doble with Ivy, but he killed it. Ivy really made him a better dancer/performer and I think it’s due to their partnership that he made it all the way.

Also, their “Bad Romance” is NOT to be missed. Another Mary Murphy cameo.

Exhibit 3 – Charlie and Tommy of SYTYCD United Kingdom (Winner and Runner-Up)

Again, Tommy was another guy who was misjudged a bit and his partnership with Charlie (who was an early frontrunner) really gave him a chance to shine and grow. In keeping with my Latin theme, their tango:

But, of course, their most memorable routine is probably their week 1 hip hop.

These are just a handful of routines from some of the top dancers of the English-speaking SYTYCD franchises. If we don’t have International All-Stars, SYTYCD US really should find a way to feature some of these amazing dancers on our stage and give American audiences better access to the episodes. Luckily, the BBC put theirs online last season and I imagine they’ll do that again for SYTYCD UK Season 2, which is coming up soon.

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Season 8 All-Stars?

I saw this over at SYTYCDism and they’re very careful to caution that this may be a prank or something else OTHER than a photo shoot for the Season 8 All-stars. It does seem a bit lop-sided to be a true group of All-Stars. But, if nothing else, it’s a great photo. Also, if nothing else, here’s proof that Sabra still exists somewhere in the world! She looks great.

Hey, here’s an idea. I think the All-Star positions should be open to International SYTYCD dancers. Canada was just so good this past season and I miss Australia, so it’d be good to see them on the US stage. I’m all for cross-referencing my SYTYCD.

What do y’all think?

Benji Schwimmer (S2), Sabra Johnson (S3), Caitlin Kinney (S5), Mollee Gray (S6), Evan Kasprzak (S5), Randi Evans (S5), Ellenore Scott (S6), Legacy Perez (S6), Brandon Bryant (S5) and Kupono Aweau.

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SYTYCD Canada Season 3 Finale – and the winner is…

Here is the summary of the show…. the winner is at the bottom -SPOILER ALERT!!!

Holy Judges Batman:
Jean-Marc, Tre, Luther, Blake, Sergio, Rex, Mary, Mia

1.5 Million votes

Opening Routine – Sergio “What a Feeling”
So nice seeing all the dancers again.

The montage of the season made me teary-eyed, so many amazing routines and moments that moved me.

Of course they did some new dances and re-did some of the unforgettable routines from the season.

Jean-Marc chose the “hot, hot, hot” salsa salsalicious from last episode by Gustavo, danced by Amanda & Denys.

Luther chose Nathalie & Mackenzie doing Show Tyme’s “hip hop”

Rex chose Mandy’s Moore’s contemporary piece danced by Kirsten and Jera.

Janick & Shavar danced Sean Cheesman’s Afro Jazz piece.

Blake chose the Hustle by Maria Torres danced by Charlene and Jeff.

Mia chose Danielle & Sebastian to re dance Sean Cheesman’s Theatre piece.

Nathalie & Mackenzie danced Blake’s piece about himself and Mia Michaels. Beautiful.

Montage on the issues dealt with this season. Terminally ill, eating disorder, loss of a child, suicide, and domestic violence.

Jeff & Amanda re danced the piece from last episode by Sabrina Matthews that got Tre so emotional. To be honest, I was emotional too, so powerful.

Tre chose the “coolest, freshest, smooth, sleek, sexy” hop hop routine by Luther Brown. Janick and Mackenzie danced another amazing routine.

I really enjoyed this routine because I have missed the hottie Mackenzie and Janick has been my secret favourite for a few weeks now.

Jean-Marc chose Claudia and Edgar Mamba. She is an amazing ballroom dancer.

Francis came out and proposed to Claudia…. So adorable!
Group Routine

Sergio picked Danielle & Denys to dance Sabrina Matthews contemporary number.

Mary introduced her favourite tap dancer ever Justin Jackson from auditions.

Tre chose the “passionate tango” with Amanda & Denys choreographed by Tony & Melanie.

Montage of injuries. Really a reality check for viewers on how just how much of a beating these dancers actually take.

Interview about the number “Rejection” by Mia Michaels and her personal struggles and losses.

Amazing goose bump routine by Mia that was so emotional to watch. I’d actually love to see it live and wide shot because there was so much going on I feel the camera ciew missed a lot of it off screen. Another reason to see SYTYCD Canada Tour 😉

Brilliant, Mia is brilliant!

Another group piece this one by Melissa Williams (Top 10)

Blake & Mia worked together to choreograph the Top 4 to dance to Blake’s new song “Relax” There was a surprise… and surprise it was – – – BLAKE!!!!! DANCING!!!!

It was awesome!!!! (In case you could not tell by my over use of explanation points)

They showed a clip of the final four chatting about crazy moments and what they would do with the money.

Jeff & Amanda danced the piece about Alzheimer’s by Stacey Tookey.

We watched short clips on both Jeff and Amanda and the judges spoke to each dancer.

Denys & Janick danced the Paso Doble and then judges spoke to each of them after remembering their journey.

And The Winner is….


Second Place Amanda, Third Jeff, Fourth Janick.

I loved how they lifted him up and bounced him in the air afterwards.

October 24, 2010 I Written By

I am a blogger and reality tv lover. I blog here for SYTYCD but mostly the Canada version, since I live in Vancouver BC. I also blog about other reality tv shows on my own blog

Broadway + SYTYCD = Amazing!

Hi everybody! I haven’t posted in a while, school has been crazy, but something caught my eye today that I wanted to share with you. As many of you know, I’m the resident broadway geek here at PureSYTYCD, and I was on this morning when I came across a post about SYTYCD! Actually, it was SYTYCD Canada. Mia Michaels has been doing a lot of choreographing for their 3rd season, which as we all know from Mandy’s awesome recaps is down to their final 4 (I’ll miss you Mackenzie!!). Well, back at the end of September, Mia choreographed a group number for the top 10 to the song Will I? (Lose My Dignity) from the iconic musical, RENT.

I know we’ve been pretty critical of Mia as a judge on our site, but this piece just reinforced to me what an incredible choreographer she is. She took a piece of music that is really only known to a select audience (the broadway community/fans) and made it contemporary and relatable. It’s a powerful and moving number, one that most certainly would get Emmy consideration had it been here in the states. It also benefitted from another thing we don’t have anymore, the old stage!! Seeing the emotional commitment of the dancing just took the piece to another level. Don’t believe me? See for yourself!

October 21, 2010 I Written By

SYTYCD Canada – Top 4

As I mentioned before I have a very crazy month of October. I was away last week in New Orleans and Vegas to celebrate my 30th birthday!

Here is a complete update……

Last Week we went from Top 8 —> Top 4

Two men and Two women were sent home last week while I was away.

Danielle & Nathalie were sent home.
Leaving Janick & Amanda in the Top 4.

Sebastian & Mackenzie were sent home.
Leaving Jeff & Denys in the Top 4.

Good-bye to 4 fantastic dancers.

Tonight our Top 4 performed.

Amanda, Denys, Janick and Jeff.

I will post on this later…

Sunday October 24th our winner will be announced.

Any discussion on the Top 4 or the season as a whole?

Sorry again I dropped the ball the past two weeks – real life took over and my obsession with reality tv was forced to be delayed (thank goodness for PVR heh heh)

[Image Source: CTV]

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I am a blogger and reality tv lover. I blog here for SYTYCD but mostly the Canada version, since I live in Vancouver BC. I also blog about other reality tv shows on my own blog

Travis Wall and Dancing with the Stars

So, SYTYCD Season 2 alum and more recent SYTYCD choreographer, Travis Wall just tweeted about his first day of DWTS rehearsal. Sounds to me like we’ll be seeing him next week. Let us know in the comments if you find anything else about his appearance!

First day of Dancing with the Stars rehearsal a success. Can’t wait to get on the stage tomorrow 3 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone

October 20, 2010 I Written By

Top 10 become 8 on SYTYCD Last Week

I apologize for the late post. October is an insane month for me. I was away Oct 1-3, it was Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend and I am away this week for one week to celebrate my birthday.

That being said – Here is last week’s results when our top ten became our top eight.

The Top 10 looking good. It is getting harder each week to send someone home. Last week, another two were sent packing….

Edgar and Charlene were sent home. Here is the summary of the Top 10 performances.

And here are the solo’s and good-bye’s:

This week we will have the Top 8 perform and once again, two will be sent home leaving us with a Top 6.

[Source: CYV]

October 12, 2010 I Written By

I am a blogger and reality tv lover. I blog here for SYTYCD but mostly the Canada version, since I live in Vancouver BC. I also blog about other reality tv shows on my own blog

SYTYCD Tour – Without Music!

Tonight, in Boston, the music went out during Lauren and Billy’s performance of “Boogie Shoes.”

Billy_Bell Well… The accapella version of boogie shoes was not originally On the set list… But we did it! @laurenfrodie only you babe! Love you! about 4 hours ago via Echofon Retweeted by 13 people

The now-seasoned pros just went on with the dance, regardless. Here’s a video from Jen on Twitter. It’s a pretty amazing, video, check it out:

October 11, 2010 I Written By

LoFro on Cover of Dance Spirit Magazine

LoFro on Cover of Dance Spirit Magazine

Check that out!! Check out more pictures of the cover here. This is part of the winnings for SYTYCD right? Honestly, I admit that I get lost on what exactly the winner of SYTYCD gets and what they get just because winning has made them popular and so people want them to do stuff.

Either way, that’s a pretty hot picture of LoFro. In fact, that group of 4 SYTYCD alums is pretty hot too. I can’t wait for the SYTYCD tour to finally make it to Las Vegas.

Props to Dennis for sending me the link.

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Just call me Charlie...but where are my angels?

Video – SYTYCD Canada Top 10 Solo’s

I Written By

I am a blogger and reality tv lover. I blog here for SYTYCD but mostly the Canada version, since I live in Vancouver BC. I also blog about other reality tv shows on my own blog