SYTYCD Canada Top 10 Performance Show

I was away and my PVR did not tape the results show last week but it seems Charlene, Edgar, Nathalie, Sebastian, Claudia and Jonathan were the bottom dancers and it was Claudia and Jonathan who went home.

I am not surprised by the news.

I though Claudia stayed longer than expected. She is an amazing ballroom dancer, however, not multi-faceted. Jonathan is amazing but there can only be one and it is only going to be harder as we go along…..

Photo from CTV.

Now, onto tonight’s show. Top 10 will become 8 and tonight’s Top Ten Dancers all did solo’s as well as paired routines since we now vote for individual dancers not couples.

Jean-Marc (Who was invited to the World Latin Dance Championships)
Tre Armstrong
Karen Kain
Dan Karaty

First I will summarize the couple routines then list the solo’s.

Amanda & Edgar
Hip Hop – Luther Brown
Find Your Love – Drake – Find

I loved the concept of mannequins with swagger. Thrilled to see Edgar in this style and Amanda was also impressive. Great choreo from Luther and the two really pulled it off.

Denys & Nathalie
Mambo – Gustavo Varagas
Mambo de Bataan – Bataan – Mambo

Denys is amazing at everything he does. Nathalie looked great next to him also. There were some fairly complex looking tricks and moves. It was entertaining!

Mackenzie & Charlene
Contemporary – Stacy Tookey
One Day Like This – Elbow – One

Stacey always has amazing routines. This concept was good and the two were beautiful together. Mackenzie is so pretty to look at isn’t he?

Janick & Jeff
Jazz – Blake McGrath
Come On Girl – Taio Cruz – Come

Cages, Whips, grinding and more… Leave it to Blake to choreo something hot like this… I loved the cage use… the whip had it’s moments of hottness and a few that were over the top… Overall it was sexy and smooth.

Danielle & Sebastian
Quick Step – Pierre Allaire
Back in Town – Matt Dusk – Back

It was catchy and started right away fast. They both moved elegantly. I don’t know much about quick step but I enjoyed watching them.


I put the dancer name and who they said most inspires them….

Sebastian – mom
99 Red Balloons – Goldfinger – 99
1 877 977 4601
props, fun and quirky which was thrilling to watch.

Danielle – teacher Joshua
Stupid – Sarah McLachlan – Stupid
1 877 977 4602
long extensions and full use of the stage passionate

Jeff – instructor Vince
Bukovynian Rhythms – Ukranian Shumka Dancers
1 877 977 4603

It was different but very energetic. He was in traditional clothing and really moved all ocer the stage.

Janick – brother
Gotta Get Thru This – Daniel Bedingfield – Gotta
1 877 977 4604

Lot’s of sharp and smooth movements. I love her but I think she could have brought more to the solo.

Edgar – Luther Brown
She Don’t Know – Usher – She
1 877 977 4605

He is so awesome, I don’t know how people jeep putting him in the bottom. I mean seriously hot!

Amanda – sister
Love – Anouk – Love
1 877 977 4606

The song choice was a nit strange to dance to in my opinion but she really went all out.

Mackenzie – other dancers
In My Place – Coldplay – In
1 877 977 4607

Passion and power. He was shirtless so I pretty much just stared at him.

Charlene – mom
Machine Gun – Portishead – Machine
1 877 977 4608

She was sharp and hard hitting.

Denys – mom
1 877 977 4609
Baiao Destemperado – Barbatuques – Baião

Unique and quick moving but interesting

Nathalie – Dancer Kelly
Gravity – Sara Bareilles – Gravity
1 877 977 4610

Beautiful and full movement over the entire stage Pure Passion.

Power Rankings:

I am still out of it from my trip so let me just ramble…
This is tough.


I would send Janick home based on solo but her couple routine was good.
Same with Nathalie.
I think Charlene may go home.


I hope they keep Edgar and Sebastian and Mackenzie and Jeff so…. that only leaves Denys who is amazing!
Gah I guess Edgar will go home given his track record of bottom dancer…