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SYTYCD Tour – Without Music!

Tonight, in Boston, the music went out during Lauren and Billy’s performance of “Boogie Shoes.”

Billy_Bell Well… The accapella version of boogie shoes was not originally On the set list… But we did it! @laurenfrodie only you babe! Love you! about 4 hours ago via Echofon Retweeted by 13 people

The now-seasoned pros just went on with the dance, regardless. Here’s a video from Jen on Twitter. It’s a pretty amazing, video, check it out:

October 11, 2010 I Written By

LoFro on Cover of Dance Spirit Magazine

LoFro on Cover of Dance Spirit Magazine

Check that out!! Check out more pictures of the cover here. This is part of the winnings for SYTYCD right? Honestly, I admit that I get lost on what exactly the winner of SYTYCD gets and what they get just because winning has made them popular and so people want them to do stuff.

Either way, that’s a pretty hot picture of LoFro. In fact, that group of 4 SYTYCD alums is pretty hot too. I can’t wait for the SYTYCD tour to finally make it to Las Vegas.

Props to Dennis for sending me the link.

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Video – SYTYCD Canada Top 10 Solo’s

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