SYTYCD Canada – Top 4

As I mentioned before I have a very crazy month of October. I was away last week in New Orleans and Vegas to celebrate my 30th birthday!

Here is a complete update……

Last Week we went from Top 8 —> Top 4

Two men and Two women were sent home last week while I was away.

Danielle & Nathalie were sent home.
Leaving Janick & Amanda in the Top 4.

Sebastian & Mackenzie were sent home.
Leaving Jeff & Denys in the Top 4.

Good-bye to 4 fantastic dancers.

Tonight our Top 4 performed.

Amanda, Denys, Janick and Jeff.

I will post on this later…

Sunday October 24th our winner will be announced.

Any discussion on the Top 4 or the season as a whole?

Sorry again I dropped the ball the past two weeks – real life took over and my obsession with reality tv was forced to be delayed (thank goodness for PVR heh heh)

[Image Source: CTV]