SYTYCD Canada Season 3 Finale – and the winner is…

Here is the summary of the show…. the winner is at the bottom -SPOILER ALERT!!!

Holy Judges Batman:
Jean-Marc, Tre, Luther, Blake, Sergio, Rex, Mary, Mia

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Opening Routine – Sergio “What a Feeling”
So nice seeing all the dancers again.

The montage of the season made me teary-eyed, so many amazing routines and moments that moved me.

Of course they did some new dances and re-did some of the unforgettable routines from the season.

Jean-Marc chose the “hot, hot, hot” salsa salsalicious from last episode by Gustavo, danced by Amanda & Denys.

Luther chose Nathalie & Mackenzie doing Show Tyme’s “hip hop”

Rex chose Mandy’s Moore’s contemporary piece danced by Kirsten and Jera.

Janick & Shavar danced Sean Cheesman’s Afro Jazz piece.

Blake chose the Hustle by Maria Torres danced by Charlene and Jeff.

Mia chose Danielle & Sebastian to re dance Sean Cheesman’s Theatre piece.

Nathalie & Mackenzie danced Blake’s piece about himself and Mia Michaels. Beautiful.

Montage on the issues dealt with this season. Terminally ill, eating disorder, loss of a child, suicide, and domestic violence.

Jeff & Amanda re danced the piece from last episode by Sabrina Matthews that got Tre so emotional. To be honest, I was emotional too, so powerful.

Tre chose the “coolest, freshest, smooth, sleek, sexy” hop hop routine by Luther Brown. Janick and Mackenzie danced another amazing routine.

I really enjoyed this routine because I have missed the hottie Mackenzie and Janick has been my secret favourite for a few weeks now.

Jean-Marc chose Claudia and Edgar Mamba. She is an amazing ballroom dancer.

Francis came out and proposed to Claudia…. So adorable!
Group Routine

Sergio picked Danielle & Denys to dance Sabrina Matthews contemporary number.

Mary introduced her favourite tap dancer ever Justin Jackson from auditions.

Tre chose the “passionate tango” with Amanda & Denys choreographed by Tony & Melanie.

Montage of injuries. Really a reality check for viewers on how just how much of a beating these dancers actually take.

Interview about the number “Rejection” by Mia Michaels and her personal struggles and losses.

Amazing goose bump routine by Mia that was so emotional to watch. I’d actually love to see it live and wide shot because there was so much going on I feel the camera ciew missed a lot of it off screen. Another reason to see SYTYCD Canada Tour 😉

Brilliant, Mia is brilliant!

Another group piece this one by Melissa Williams (Top 10)

Blake & Mia worked together to choreograph the Top 4 to dance to Blake’s new song “Relax” There was a surprise… and surprise it was – – – BLAKE!!!!! DANCING!!!!

It was awesome!!!! (In case you could not tell by my over use of explanation points)

They showed a clip of the final four chatting about crazy moments and what they would do with the money.

Jeff & Amanda danced the piece about Alzheimer’s by Stacey Tookey.

We watched short clips on both Jeff and Amanda and the judges spoke to each dancer.

Denys & Janick danced the Paso Doble and then judges spoke to each of them after remembering their journey.

And The Winner is….


Second Place Amanda, Third Jeff, Fourth Janick.

I loved how they lifted him up and bounced him in the air afterwards.