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Mia Michaels Gone for SYTYCD 2011 but Mary Murphy is Back

In case you missed the news, Mia Michaels said that she’s leaving So You Think You Can Dance and won’t be back on SYTYCD 2011. Marc Malkin found this out in an interview he did with Mia Michaels. Here’s the important parts:

“Last year when I was sitting on the [judges] panel, I knew it wasn’t the right fit because I felt too glossy sitting on the panel,” she exclusively tells us. “People were so focused on what I wore and my hair. I wanted to get dirty and back to the work. I am an artist and I’m a visionary. I need to paint my world now and not be constantly linked to So You think You Can Dance.”

Not that she doesn’t appreciate what SYTYCD has done for her. “It’s been a great platform,” Michaels says. “It was a wonderful platform. I’m staring at [my] two Emmys right now. It was an amazing, amazing thing for me but I feel like I have to fly. I have to now focus on Mia’s world.”

And that world includes starring in an upcoming Bravo reality show, writing a memoir and developing a Broadway show. “I heard they’re bringing Mary Murphy back and I’m really happy for her,” Michaels says. “I’ve sat in that chair, but I feel like that was Mary’s chair.”

I hate that Mia is so schizophrenic about these things. Why does it always have to be an all or nothing thing? If she’s an artist, then go back to being an artist and choreograph and produce your art on the show. I think we all agree that you shouldn’t be on the judges panel. At least not very much, but don’t deprive us of your choreography because you had a bad time on the panel. Ugh!

Then, of course Mary Murphy back on SYTYCD 2011. Well, I’ve made my feelings clear how I feel about Mary Murphy. Maybe I’ll try and make peace with Mary in a future post. Marianya asked me if I’d rather have Mary or Mia. I answered, Neither! I want the blonde ballroom lady with the awesome accent (sorry I’m too lazy to look up her name). You know who I’m talking about. She was and is FANTASTIC!

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Just call me Charlie...but where are my angels?

Australian Replacement Don’t Stop Believing Axed Before Production

As we heard earlier this year that So You Think You Can Dance was axed due to poor ratings. Well, I just heard last week the replacement program Australia’s Don’t Stop Believing has been canned before production of Auditions strated due to poor ratings in the U.K.

Was this the right idea for Ten to axe SYTYCD Australia here share your anger and thoughts here.

Here’s the official news:
EXCLUSIVE: Network TEN has pulled the pin on Don’t Stop Believing, its all-singing, all-dancing spectacular that was due to launch in 2011.

The Glee-inspired production was originally planned to kick off the ratings year for TEN, but was recently pushed back by several months amid network uncertainty.

TEN has since decided not to proceed at all, despite a lavish production number staged before sponsors at its 2011 launch in Sydney and Melbourne.

The cancellation of the Shine-produced series follows its failure in the UK, hosted by Emma Bunton.

TEN has also been watching the performance of The X Factor, which is belatedly beginning to pick up steam. But the money paid for the show has not met market expectations. While TEN is working in a changing environment under shareholders Jamie Packer and Lachlan Murdoch, it is determined to start the year off from a strong position.

Don’t Stop Believing brought together vocal groups of varying sizes and ages in a live performance designed to capitalise on the success of shows such as Glee, High School Musical and Hairspray. It was also including a resident troupe of singers and dancers. Without Australian Idol, So You Think You Can Dance and Don’t Stop Believing, TEN is now without a local performance show in the musical genre.

TEN commissioned the production before the UK series began, where it fell victim to falling ratings after being moved from its timeslot due to sporting commitments by Five.

David Mott, Chief Programming Officer had previously said of the show, “Don’t Stop Believing is a joyous format and a perfect fit for the big entertainment, feel good direction TEN has been heading for the last few years.

“We have had incredible success in identifying and airing excellent high impact performance shows and this is bigger and better than any we have ever undertaken.”

TV Tonight, which broke the news on the series being commissioned in July, understands auditions for vocal acts was advanced but no performers had yet been attached to the series.

November 13, 2010 I Written By

Dance is Up for People’s Choice Award! Vote Now!

Just a heads up that our fave show is up for a People’s Choice Award for Favorite COMPETITION SHOW with alongside America’s Got Talent, American Idol, Dancing With the Stars & Hell’s Kitchen

To vote click here

November 9, 2010 I Written By

SYTYCD Will Be Back in 2011 with a Top 20 and the SYTYCD All Stars

I imagine that some of you reading this site may have heard the rumor that SYTYCD is ending. Well, it’s just not the case. I think it’s reasonable to say that SYTYCD needs to have a strong showing this summer, but we’re going to definitely have a SYTYCD 2011. Here’s Nigel’s tweet about the rumor:

I’m not sure where the rumour came from that #SYTYCD is ending. It’s a LIE. Back next year with both a Top 20 and the #AllStars.


Nigel Lythgoe

Yes, this news will make Emily very happy!! Let’s hope it has a great showing this summer so that it will keep going forever (or something close to that).

BTW, Friday I finally get to see the SYTYCD tour!! Woot!!

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Just call me Charlie...but where are my angels?

Feature & Sneak Peek Scenes of tWitch on Bones (Contains Spoilers)

This episode may be shown tomorrow if the Baseball is finished (if somebody knows if it does happen please let me know and I’ll post the news I don’t live in the U.S. and I haven’ heard any of the Baseball news). We’ll let you know if the episode has been shown. Will also post videos of him next week.

A big surprise for Fox to show this on their You Tube channel since they don’t really care about us fans sometimes with Dance and caring more on Lie to Me & Glee.

Feature: The Man With No Bone:

The episode is 6.05 titled ‘The Bones That Weren’t’. It will be shown if tomorrow (if no Baseball) on Fox at 8/7c. There were 5 promos being shown for the past month but none of them contained a scene of tWitch.

November 3, 2010 I Written By

Travis Will Choreograph Evan Lysacek

Check out this Tweet from Evan Lysacek just now.

Evan Lysacek EvanLysacek

Had an awesome day of choreography with @travISova. He’s such an insanely talented guy. We’re working 2gether for a number for Stars on Ice 28 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone in reply to travISova Retweeted by travISova and 2 others

Travis is having such a great post SYTYCD career!

November 2, 2010 I Written By

Vote for Christina Perri’s “Jar of Hearts” Video!

In September, we posted a link to the new video for Christina Perri’s “Jar of Hearts.” Now, I see on Twitter that the video is in the running for best freshman video on mtvU.

christina perri. christinaperri

“jar of hearts” nominated for best freshman video of the week on mtvU!!! you can vote here:
Let’s show everybody the power of SYTYCD fans and vote for our own SYTYCD-made star!
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