Feature & Sneak Peek Scenes of tWitch on Bones (Contains Spoilers)

This episode may be shown tomorrow if the Baseball is finished (if somebody knows if it does happen please let me know and I’ll post the news I don’t live in the U.S. and I haven’ heard any of the Baseball news). We’ll let you know if the episode has been shown. Will also post videos of him next week.

A big surprise for Fox to show this on their You Tube channel since they don’t really care about us fans sometimes with Dance and caring more on Lie to Me & Glee.

Feature: The Man With No Bone:

The episode is 6.05 titled ‘The Bones That Weren’t’. It will be shown if tomorrow (if no Baseball) on Fox at 8/7c. There were 5 promos being shown for the past month but none of them contained a scene of tWitch.