So You Think You Can Dance Pictures at Reality Rocks Expo

I had a really great time this weekend at the Reality Rocks Expo. I’d have to say that the So You Think You Can Dance panel, dancing, and interviews were far and away the highlight of the event for me. I got a ton of interesting takeaways, unexpected comments and just an overall update on a bunch of the SYTYCD dancers.

Plus, I think I have a new love affair with Lauren Gottlieb. Not a real love affair, just an I’m totally awed by her greatness love affair. Although, I think I’ll save that for a future Ode to Lauren Gottlieb post.

I’m still getting all the video together and seeing what’s good and what’s not so good. Until then, here’s some of the pictures my trust cameraman Mark (Thanks Mark!) took of the SYTYCD dancers. Just click on the picture to see the larger image (and a second time for the really large image).

More videos from Reality Rocks to come!