SYTYCD Season 8 – Top 20 Reveal – Music

Interesting difference for the Top 20 Reveal. Live performances! I’m actually kind of liking this.

Music for the Reveal the Top 20:

Dancers into the Holding Area:

[Marianya started the post, above and now I’m taking over. This post will contain spoilers, so here’s a spoiler break…]

Ricky James Intro:

Stacey Tookey contemporary routine with Rickey, Miranda, Melanie and Sasha: The Irrepressibles’s “In This Shirt” – this one’s not available on iTunes (yet, I hope!), so try this song by them in the meantime, “The Knife Song” –The Knife Song - My Friend Jo - Single

Street dancer montage:

Yes to guys: Diana Ross’s “Reach Out and Touch (Somebody’s Hand)” – Reach Out and Touch (Somebody's Hand) - Diana Ross: All the Great Hits

Dave Scott hip hop routine with Chris, Wadi, Tadd and Robert: Swizz Beatz ft. Eve’s “Everyday (Coolin’)” – Everyday (Coolin') [feat. Eve] - Everyday (Coolin') [feat. Eve] - Single

Jason Gilkison paso doble routine with Ivetta and Pasha (all star!): Jennifer Lopez ft Pitbull’s “Ven a Bailar (On the Floor)” – Ven a Bailar (On The Floor) [feat. Pitbull] [Bonus Track] - LOVE? (Deluxe Edition)

Sonya Tayeh jazz routine with Jordan, Clarice, Missy and Marko: Steed Lord’s “Vanguardian” – Vanguardian - Heart II Heart

Jess & Nick get their news: DeVotchKa’s “And the Winner Is…” – The Winner Is - Little Miss Sunshine (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Christopher Scott tap/Broadway routine with Jesse and Nick: Nina Simone’s ” Funkier Than a Mosquito’s Tweeter” – Funkier Than a Mosquito's Tweeter - It Is Finished

Travis Wall contemporary with Mitchell, Caitlynn, Ashley, Alexander and Ryan: Passion Pit’s “Moth’s Wings” –Moth's Wings - Manners (Bonus Track Version)

Top 10 guys routine intro:

Contemporary added to the routine: Plan B’s “Welcome to Hell” – Welcome to Hell - The Defamation of Strickland Banks (thanks to our reader Jenn for catching this one).

Christopher Scott Top 10 Guys hip hop/tap routine: Nathan Lanier’s “Velocity” – Velocity - Velocity - Single

Sonya Tayeh Top 10 Girls jazz routine: Chonique Sneed & Lizette Bustamante’s “Pop, Drop & Roll” – Pop Drop & Roll (feat. Lisette Bustamante) - Pop Drop & Roll (feat. Lisette Bustamante) - Single

Tyce Diorio’s Top 20 jazz (?) routine: Annie Lennox’s “Little Bird” – Little Bird - The Annie Lennox Collection (Super Deluxe Version)