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Predicted Season 8 Top 20 Couples

After taking a look at Amanda’s Meet the Top 20 posts and the contestant photos on Fox’s official site, and after watching the Meet the Top 20 episode last week, of course, I thought I’d try my hand at predicting the Top 20 couples.

I based my predictions on several factors. I tried to switch up dance styles as much as possible, played the “personality” game a bit and tried to guestimate heights and body types as much as possible. Let’s see how many I get right when Wednesday comes around.

1. Melanie (contemporary) and Tadd (“urban”)

2. Ryan (contemporary) and Alexander (ballet)

3. Caitlyn ( jazz) and Marko (hip hop)

4. Sasha (contemporary) and Nick (tap)

5. Jordan (jazz) and Wadi (b boy)

6. Ashley (contemporary) and Jess (Broadway)

7. Missy (jazz) and Rickey (contemporary)

8. Miranda (contemporary) and Mitchell (contemporary)

9. Clarice (jazz) and Chris (hip hop)

10. Iveta (ballroom) and Robert (hip hop)

What do you think? Do you think I got it right or horribly wrong? Who do you think should dance together? What kind of pairings would you like to see?

June 13, 2011 I Written By

Venus Goddess Video with Lauren Gottlieb, Kathryn McCormick, Lauren Froderman, Amber Williams and Some Hot Blonde

Thanks to @megansantos on Twitter for pointing out this great video with Lauren Gottlieb, Kathryn McCormick, Lauren Froderman, Amber Williams and Some Hot Blonde. At least I think it’s Amber Williams from SYTYCD season 8. I can’t tell who the hot blonde girl is in the commercial, but I’d like to know her;-)

Tyce Diorio did the choreography for the video. It’s an ad for Venus Goddess, but it’s not much of an ad. Although, I admit I do want to buy Venu Goddess now. I’ll take all 5 Venus Goddesses *creepy Nigel look*

Ok, enough about that, time for you to enjoy the video:

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