Top 20 (Part 2) Results Thoughts and Discussion

I’m dreading tonight as much as I can dread SYTYCD. Which is to say that I’m looking forward to seeing the dancing, but sad about losing 4 of the dancers. I think the dancers themselves got it right in DanceOn’s video interviews when they said that getting to know them another week almost makes it worse to lose them now.

That being said, it’s kinda cool to see a third Top 20 group routine and Dave Scott’s was really good. I love Nina Simone and I thought there was a really retro-futuristic The Adjustment Bureau feel to it.

I’m excited to see Crew dancing later.

And for the rest of my live thoughts, a spoiler space…

Even though Missy and Wadi were probably the most obvious choice for the Bottom 3, I’m still sad to see them there. I hope they survive and get a better routine for their strengths next week. Caitlynn has really been growing on me, so I’m glad that she’s safe .

Lauren sighting! So cool to see her in the audience. And the Gaterade/nutritionist segment was really cute, with everyone throwing away their unhealthy food at the end.

I’m a bit surprised to see Iveta and Nick in the Bottom 3 because it seemed like they have a pretty big fan base, even if Iveta’s not my favorite. I do really like Nick, so I’m worried now. But I’m also REALLY happy that Melanie and Marko are safe.

Well, I guess it makes sense that Ryan and Rickey are in the Bottom 3 since they’re routine was near the beginning of the show and Ryan was smiling manically throughout. But I thought their fan base (me included, they were one of the 3 couples I voted for!) would keep them in the running.

Cat seemed pretty sad about the reality of losing so many dancers when she said that the judges could only save one guy and one girl. Me, too. Sucks. Every time I kept imaging how it would go, I was sad about losing somebody.

Rage Crew were really entertaining, but I was a bit disturbed by some of the younger dancers dancing the same moves as the older ones. Impressed too, yes, but also disturbed they were dancing such a mature routine.

I love watching Wadi, but it seemed like a lot of tricks. They’re amazing, to be sure, but if they’re worried about his versatility, that wasn’t the solo to convince them. Plus, he seemed piss afterwards, but I know he was probably pretty emotional and maybe he was trying to contain that.

Missy’s solo was really good, but even as she was dancing, I was wondering if it was enough, considering how many contemporary girls we have.

Nick is adorable. Alternatively, I was hoping that the fact that he’s the only tap dancer might save him. I remember thinking that he and Ryan would be great partners after seeing them interviewed side by side in DanceOn’s video.

Iveta’s solo was also really good, but she’s my least favorite and I was hoping that the fact that she’s the only ballroom dancer would’ve save her.

Rickey really laid it out there. His solo was amazing and probably the definition of dancing for your life.

I really want Ryan to stay. Her solo was alright, but I again worried it wasn’t enough. The last few seconds were really strong, though. I was bracing myself to lose her.

LMFAO was awesome! I loved how they danced with Quest Crew and it was essentially one big dance party, especially at the end. It was so high-energy and fun I almost forgot that we’re losing four dancers…

While I’m really relieved that Ryan and Rickey were saved, I’m also very sad to lose Nick, Wadi and Missy. I’m not so sad about Iveta because she’s a champion in her own right and she’s not my favorite, but the other three really could’ve had a better run on the show with different partners.

It’s gonna be a hard season cause all the dancers are so good. But, on the other hand, it’s gonna be a GREAT season because they’re so good. Hopefully, we’re gonna have a ton of phenomenal dances. Can’t wait for next week.

What about y’all? Are you happy with the results? Distraught? Tell me what you think!