Top 16 Results Thoughts and Discussion

Here’s a spot for my thoughts and our discussion about tonight’s episode. I’ll be updating live, so there’ll be a spoiler space below. I can’t wait to see what happens and what you think about it!

First off, it’s no secret I love Cat, but I love her even more this season. “I hear ya, Murphy!”

Michael Bruni’s opening Broadway routine had some interesting elements, but was not the most striking group routine I’ve ever seen. I enjoy watching the random partnerships that happen in the group routines because they seem to mix up the couples a lot.

I love Kristin Chenoweth, but I was sadly not terribly impressed by that snippet of her music video.

And a spoiler for the results…

Of the first set of three, I’m selfishly glad that both Melanie/Marko and Ryan/Rickey are safe. I think Ashley and Chris were the right choice. I love Ryan, but I do think she’s got a lot of growing to do. All of that Melanie/Marko kissing was adorable. Man, their kiss backstage was just as sexy and intense as the one in the routine! And it was cute when Cat said, “If you kiss again, you’re safe,” and Melanie kissed Marko on the cheek. πŸ™‚

Well, I’m 2 for 2 so far on my predictions of the Bottom 3. Miranda and Robert are in danger. and Jordan/Tadd and Sasha/Alexander are all safe. I think (and hope) they’ll kill their solos and survive. Miranda has started to grow on me a bit and many of you agree, as she’s high up there in our Favorite Dancer Poll.

Between Clarice/Jess and Caitlynn/Mitchell, it seemed like a gimme who be in the Bottom 3, but maybe I wasn’t taking into consideration that the samba was earlier and a bit more awkward. I got really scared that I’d lose one of my favorites waaay too early. AND, of course this messed up my perfect score predicting the Bottom 3.

The two dancers from AXIS Dance Company were absolutely amazing. I was mesmerized the entire time. It was, as Cat said, really creative the way it was choreographed (by Alex Ketley). Also, I loved the music they performed to.

Out of the solos, I thought Ashley’s was the weakest. She wobbled several times and it was boring. Miranda and Caitlynn really gave it their all. Chris did a good job, but Robert outdanced him and Mitchell slam dunked both of them.

Eric Luna and Georgia Ambarian were incredible! They used a lot of techniques that circus strengths pairs use, I noticed. Their lifts were just ridiculous. My mom commented on how strong Eric Luna is and I had to point out how much work Georgia Ambarian was doing on her end. That is some seriously hard stuff and the fact that they made it so graceful and gorgeous really amplies what they did.

As for the results – I do NOT agree with Miranda going home. Ashley’s solo was incredibly weak and she’s only had one memorable routine with Chris. I’m ambivalent about Robert getting cut, though I respected the way he left. We could’ve lost any of the guys and I would’ve been okay, though I was relieved that Caitlynn and Robert are staying in the competition and together. I think the only reason Miranda went home is that she and Robert have been in the bottom multiple times.

I know a lot of you are going to be disappointed, especially about Miranda. Here’s your chance to holler and shout.