Season 8 Top 14 Results Thoughts and Discussion

Here’s a space for my live thoughts on tonight’s results episode and also YOUR comments.

I loooved the Top 14 Bollywood routine by Nakul. It had so much passion and was one of the best Bollywood routines lately. It kinda reminded me of the routine Season 7 did on tour, actually. Anybody else reminded of that routine? I loved seeing Caitlynn and Rickey front and center at the end. I kept noticing Caitlynn and Ashley throughout.

Travis is adorable in a tux and even more so when he says with surprise and excitement, “I didn’t do a bad job yesterday!” Cute. No, Travis, you didn’t do a bad job at all. You’re welcome on the judging panel whenever you want, as far as I’m concerned. Only, I’m glad to hear you’re working with the dancers next week. Whooo hooo!

Maybe it’s mean-spirited of me, but I’m kinda glad Carmen Electra’s not on the panel tonight. I don’t think she added anything to last night’s show, personally.

And, a spoiler space for the first of the results…

When I saw my two favorite couples pulled out first, I was relatively confident that both Melanie & Marko and Caitlynn & Mitchell would be safe. I was a little worried, of course, because strange things are known to happen at the Top 14 and Top 12 eliminations, but I was both unsurprised and relieved to see that they are both safe. Cat cracked me up saying that there were “gorilla hugs down there,” as the safe dancers celebrated. Melanie jumped up on Mitchell and they were having a face-to-face conversation. lol

Next, they called up my Bottom 3, so I knew I couldn’t be 100% correct on that one, though I had strong suspicions on how it was going to turn out. Sure enough Ashley & Chris and Jordan & Tadd are in danger and Clarice & Jess are safe. I thought Cat was a little mean actually when she said to Ashley & Chris, “We already knew you weren’t Shakira.” I don’t think they appreciated her joke. 🙂

When it came down to Sasha & Alexander and Ryan & Rickey, I had a feeling it was going to go against R & R again. Ryan seems to have really lost favor in the last few weeks. I just hope they make it to the Top 10 so we can see them dance with different people. I think they’d be great. However, with Ashley & Chris in the Bottom 3, I was relatively confident the judges would send them home and keep R & R at least another week.

Looooved the Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet, especially that one guy with the HUGE thighs who was lifting everybody. 😉 They were incredibly, though.

After Ashley’s solo, I texted my mom and said, “That’s not gonna save her.” She hasn’t shown an inch of growth in her solos, which tend to be the flatest and least interesting.

Chris killed it. You could see him fighting, but I suspected it wasn’t enough.

Jordan’s solo was sexy and athletic and better than Ashley’s, but didn’t really demonstrate anything different than her other solos during Vegas and in the Bottom 3.

Tadd however slaughtered his solo. So good! After he danced, I knew Chris was toast. Or at least, I had a strong suspicion.

I really liked Ryan’s solo. It showed all the things I love about her dancing and I could feel her reaching, trying to stretch herself.

Rickey’s solo was wonderful as well. I really hoped that he and Ryan had done enough to save themselves.

LOOOOVE Florence & the Machine, so of course I loved their performance of “Cosmic Love.” I just wished there’d been some dancing… especially since “Cosmic Love: has been used for a routine before on the show.

Nigel nailed it when he said that the dancers in the Bottom 3 need to start showing different sides of themselves, they need to show how much the experience is teaching them. I was even more sure then that Ashley & Chris were going home. I thought it was interesting that Nigel said Travis especially likes Rickey and wants to work with Tadd. But, I can see how he would be interested in those dancers. Just thought it was interesting that he outted Travis for pulling for them.

So, it wasn’t surprising when Ashley & Chris were cut and it was the best possible outcome for me. However, it sucked to see how sad they were. I hope we see them back on the show in some capacity down the line.

The Top 12/10 cut is going to be TOUGH! What do y’all think?