SYTYCD Season 8 Podcast!

Editor’s Note: We want to welcome James G and Meghan to Pure SYTYCD! I’m looking forward to having their SYTYCD podcasts posted here for everyone to enjoy. I believe it will be a nice addition to the SYTYCD coverage we already provide. Let us know what you think of their SYTYCD podcasts in the comments.

Hello everyone!

I’m really excited to announce that the podcast that I co-host, Reflections on Pop Entertainment, is being added as new content for! These weekly podcasts covering season 8 of So You Think You Can Dance have been going since the Vegas Week episode and we’ve been trying to reach and build a wider audience. Being offered the chance to host our weekly SYTYCD season 8 coverage here is quite exciting, as I’ve been visiting this blog since season 5. I’m glad to be able to give back to the community!

To give you some background, I co-host the show with my fiancée Meghan. We’ve known each other since college where we participated in theatre together. Meghan and I are very analytical when it comes to the things we enjoy and we constantly discussed and analyzed shows with each other. After doing this for the past couple years, we decided that we should turn these discussions into a podcast. We both come from different academic backgrounds (Meghan has a Masters degree in American literature and I’m pursuing a Ph.D. in physics), which combined with our theatre background gives us what we hope is a unique perspective. So You Think You Can Dance is serving as the flagship series for the podcast and we’ve had a lot of fun already using the medium to form and share our ideas with a general audience.

The first podcast to be posted here, which will cover the Top 14 performance night and results show, should be recorded and published late Friday evening. Occasionally, if our schedules are hectic, then the show will show up on a Saturday. We hope that you’ll drop by to check out our shows!

If you want to check out the previous episodes of the podcast, I invite you to click the following links. They’ll take you to a summary of the episode and provide you with links that’ll let you download the show. I personally suggest checking out either the Top 20 Week, Take Two Eliminations or Top 16 Week episodes, as we hit our stride and found our voice in those shows.

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You can also subscribe to the podcast on iTunes to get the episode automatically. After you’ve listened to it, please come back to and leave us a comment and/or tweet us @ReflPopEnt. Constructive thoughts will help us deliver better shows and provide us with more things to discuss.

I look forward to sharing the shows with you!