Top 12 Results Thoughts and Discussion

I’m going to jump right in with my live thoughts. Please jump in, too, and add your thoughts in the comments!

First, I really liked the Kelly Abbey El Fuego Top 12 Group routine. It was a nice mashup of styles and I was actually thinking it might’ve been a Christopher Scott routine. I wondered why Jordan got the central role at the opening and so much face time, but she was gorgeous in the huge red skirt, to be sure. I loved the tapping and then the guys sweeping and also them all linking up to tango a bit. (I don’t know the technical name for that, hope you know what I mean).

I’m proud of SYTYCD for their 8 Emmy nominations and I loooved the clip of the routines that were nominated. Such good routines.

Spoiler line for the rest, just in case…

When they pulled out Clarice & Jess and Caitlynn & Mitchell as the first two couples, I wondered if the FOX producers can read my mind, or if they read our blog. These are the two couples most of us were on the bubble about. I wanted Caitlynn & Mitchell to be safe, but I had a feeling they’d land in the Bottom 3. And unfortunately, my feeling was right… :'(

Nigel broke my heart when he said that they asked Alex to be an All-Star and then said that he pulled his *other* Achilles’ tendon. Poor Alex!! I feel so wretched for him, to be facing another year of injury and recovery. I feel pretty bad for us, too, cause we don’t get to see him dance.

They announced the All-Stars so quickly! I was so disappointed with how fast that intro was. But, I did manage to catch the All-Stars. Melody from Season 1, Allison from Season 2 (an All-Star last season), Pasha from Season 3 (also a Season 7 All-Star), Twitch from Season 4 (another All-Star from last season and one of my all-time favorites), Chelsie from Season 4 (AND Dancing with the Stars), Comfort from Season 4 (and an All-Star last season as well), Brandon from Season 5, Kathryn from Season 6 (and a phenom during her season and as an All-Star last season) and Robert from Season 7 (who mostly danced with Kathryn). It’s a great group of All-Stars and we’ve seen that most of them are great All-Stars since they performed that duty last season. I can’t wait to see Robert dance with Caitlynn again. First, she has to survive this cut!

Was it irony that they brought up Melanie & Marko and Ryan & Rickey together? Since Ryan was formerly a favorite and has fallen so far in public opinion? Just as we all expected, RyanΒ  & Rickey are in danger and Melanie & Marko are safe. Ryan’s face while she was on stage was heartbreaking. I think this whole process has been really tough on her.

I was totally shocked that Jordan & Tadd were safe when they were on stage next to Sasha & Alexander. I hate to say it, but it’s a chance to knock Alexander out considering he’s the other least favorite according to our poll. I didn’t think he’d be in danger at this point, though. I’m glad Tadd in particular is safe, though.

At this point, none of the boys will upset me if they leave although I think they’re all really talented and have shown promise. I like all the girls, but I think Ryan’s going to end up going. I just hope Caitlynn is safe as she’s quickly become one of my favorites.

Loved the tap group Jason Samuel Smith and Anybody Can Get It. They were really entertaining and I spotted Melinda Sullivan from Season 7 pretty quickly (green shoes). It’s nice to see her doing something she loves. Maybe she can talk to Ryan backstage and convince her there will be great opportunities after the show.

Is it just me or did Caitlynn stumble in her solo? It seemed a bit scattered, which scared me because I love her and I want her to make Top 10.

I thought Mitchell’s routine was really strong, but his unitard was very distracting. I know, that’s petty of me, but it was!

Ryan’s solo was not strong. I think she’s pretty much given up. πŸ™

Rickey, however, had the most relaxed and personality-filled solo. I don’t know how he was that relaxed, knowing he was on the chopping block and one of the more likely to go if they keep with the cutting-partners-together policy.

Sasha’s solo was the strongest of the girls, I think. I loved the song for her and I think she filled it up with personality and style.

I thought Alex’s routine was a revelation, especially that one move where he lept and landed almost on pointe. I was a bit surprised.

I kept looking at Nicole Scherzinger’s back-up dancers, trying to see if any of them were SYTYCD alum.

I felt so bad for Ryan as they talked to the girls. She was so blank-faced, like she was facing the music as stoically as she could. Broke my heart. In all seriousness, I hope Melinda and Travis get hold of her and reassure her that she’s gonna have an amazing career. I was confused that Nigel said Caitlynn’s solo was well-danced, but I’m glad she was safe. Ditto with the reasons he gave for cutting Alexander. Maybe it was the weakest of the guys’ solos, I dunno, but I think they cut him because he hadn’t been memorable throughout the season and they wanted to keep Rickey. I agree with the results, but I wish Nigel could’ve been honest about their motivations. Very confusing.

What do y’all think? Our poll predicted tonight’s results, by the way!