SYTYCD Canada – My favourite duo: Jordan Clark and Joey Arrigo

I am still trying to find video of Jordan & Joey’s Routine from last night to share with you all – it is on CTV if you go to their video links. If you can’t access that, I will post a youtube video as soon as I can find one.

In the meantime, here is an interview from backstage last night talking about their Sean Cheesman’s comedic jazz routine:

Also, because I absolutely LOVE Jordan, here are some more video’s to share with you. I am noticing youtube videos of performances and interviews going up with in 2-3 days of the show for those of you not in Canada or without access to CTV.

Here is Jordan’s Audition:

And her first routine on the show with partner Joey Arrigo:

I am completely in love with this pair…. I expect them to do well!

[RealYeo has several backstage interviews on their youtube channel]