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Top 10 Results Thoughts and Discussion

Here are my live thoughts on tonight’s Top 10/All-Star results episode. I hope you’ll join the discussion, too!

The Top 10 group Broadway routine was cool in some parts, but felt kinda loose and empty in some places. I’m not familiar with the choreographer’s work, so I don’t know if this is typical of his style. Anybody? Was it just me or was there a lot of little wobbles and out of unison moments? Was that Clarice off the the right in the back and really off in the beginning? I really liked the Chorus Line-esque gold hats and unison bits at the end, though.

I’m bummed that they’re still cutting 1 guy and 1 girl and Amanda is confused that the judges are still apparently in control of the fates of the Bottom 4 (got that wrong in the Power Rankings, yesterday).

Here’s a spoiler space as I start to talk about the results…

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Season 8 Top 10 Results Music

We’ll see the first individual cuts tonight and (most likely) the reveal of next week’s All-Star’s. I’m excited to see what music goes along with all of that.

The music list will be updated here live…

Top 10 Broadway group routine choreographed by Josh Berebus (sp?): “Act I: On Broadway” – Act One: On Broadway - Smokey Joe's Cafe: The Songs of Leiber and Stoller from “Smokey Joe’s Cafe”

Daniil Simpkin danced to: Jacques Brel’s “Les Bourgeois” – Les bourgeois - Master série : Jacques Brel

Spoiler space for the solos…

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SYTYCD Canada – Jordan & Joey’s Sean Cheesman Jazz Routine from Top 20 Show

I know everyone is anxiously awaiting SYTYCD Results Show tonight, and I usually would keep my “Canadian Content” to weekends and Monday (Performance Shows) and Tuesday (Results Shows) but I said I would share this routine when I found it on youtube, and here it is….

SYTYCD Canada’s Jordan Clark & Joey Arrigo perform a comedic Sean Cheeseman routine last Monday.

Jordan Clark & Joey Arrigo are my most favourite couple on SYTYCD Canada this season.

Anyways, I can’t wait for SYTYCD Tonight…. but had to throw a little bit of Canadian SYTYCD inthe mix as I just loved the routine and thought you would too!

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