Top 10 Results Thoughts and Discussion

Here are my live thoughts on tonight’s Top 10/All-Star results episode. I hope you’ll join the discussion, too!

The Top 10 group Broadway routine was cool in some parts, but felt kinda loose and empty in some places. I’m not familiar with the choreographer’s work, so I don’t know if this is typical of his style. Anybody? Was it just me or was there a lot of little wobbles and out of unison moments? Was that Clarice off the the right in the back and really off in the beginning? I really liked the Chorus Line-esque gold hats and unison bits at the end, though.

I’m bummed that they’re still cutting 1 guy and 1 girl and Amanda is confused that the judges are still apparently in control of the fates of the Bottom 4 (got that wrong in the Power Rankings, yesterday).

Here’s a spoiler space as I start to talk about the results…

Between Mitchell, Melanie and Tadd, it’s not big surprise that Mitchell’s in the Bottom 4 OR that both Melanie and Tadd are safe. No surprise that Clarice is in the Bottom 4 between her, Sasha and Tadd, either. But then, they generally save the surprises for later, don’t they… Now that I’ve remembered about the Bottom 4 (not 3) and Clarice is there, I think it may be her and Mitchell.

Sooo excited about the All-Stars for next week. Ivan Koumaev (S2, Allison’s original partner), Jaimie Goodwin (S3), Anya Garnis + Pasha Kovalev (S3), Lauren Gottlieb (S3), Neil Haskell (s3), Ade Obayami (S5) and last season’s winner LoFro!

Maybe I’ll get my wish and LoFro and Caitlynn will dance together! There are SO MANY wonderful possibilities here and I know my mom’s excited that Ade will be an All-Star next week.

Between Jess and Rickey, I think Rickey danced better, but I’m not surprised he’s in the Bottom 4. Same thing with Jordan and Caitlynn. It was sad to see how sad Jordan obviously was, but she and the Clarice are the weakest girls left in my opinion, so it’s only fitting that they’d be the two in the Bottom 4.

Guest performer Daniil Simpksin was entertaining, but also really confusing for me since he looks like a taller, skinnier version of an ex of mine. But that’s just me. What did y’all think of him?

Looooved the Gatorade check up for the dancers. That was really cool and also, adorable. I especially loved Cat telling them that they better have behaved and Sasha saying, “See, dancers are athletes!” and punching the air. I think Gatorade should just license that from SYTYCD/FOX and make that a commercial.

I thought Clarice showed some improvement in her solo, but it was really jerky, just not fluid at all. Loved Mitchell’s solo, but I was fairly certain watching it that a great solo in his genre just wasn’t going to keep him safe anymore. Jordan re-used last night’s solo song, but it looked like slightly different moves to me. Am I crazy? Still not crazy about her freaking leg extensions. I’d really like to see her dance a solo that concentrated on her torso and arms for once or was just a bit more well-developed. Rickey’s solo rocked, so I definitely think he was saving his energy for tonight with last night’s solo.

LOVED that Cat was like, “should we spy a bit longer?” and we got to see a bit of a heated discussion between Neil Patrick Harris and Nigel. Wonder which of the dancers they were discussing then. Or maybe Nigel had just said that Dougie Houser had a bigger place in pop culture history than Barney Stinson and NPH had just said, “Take it back, Lythgoe!”

I liked the speech that Nigel gave them before he cut Mitchell and Clarice where he pointed specifically to Twitch and Allison sitting in the audience (they ARE dating, I just know it!) and said they were in the Bottom 3 and 4 times respectively and look at their careers. He just sounded so stern, like he was scolding them that I think it took them (and me) a while to realize he was reassuring them.

Well, that’s my thoughts for the moment. Just for the fun of it, here’s a poll about which All-Star you’re most excited to see come back next week (you can only pick 1). Yes, I am a little poll-happy lately. Hope you don’t mind.