Season 8 Top 8 Results Music

Odds are, Lady Gaga will be a better musical performer than last week’s Blush. Excited to see what music we’ll have tonight, all around.

Here we go, the live list…

The Top 8 danced a Tyce Diorio jazz to: James Newton Howard’s “The Circus Sets Up” – The Circus Sets Up - Water for Elephants (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) from the soundtrack of “Water for Elephants”

LXD performed to: Kerry Muzzey’s “Bernini’s Angels” – Bernini's Angels - Trailer Music 2

Spoiler space for the solos:

Jordan danced to: Rihanna’s “S&M” – S&M - Loud

Jess danced to: Kevin Spacey’s “Mack the Knife” – Mack the Knife - Beyond the Sea (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)

Caitlynn danced to: Katie Thompson’s “What Turns You On” – What Turns You On (studio Version) - KT LIVE

Tadd danced to: Harry Belafonte’s “Jump in the Line” – Jump In the Line - Very Best of Harry Belafonte

Lady Gaga performed “Edge of Glory” – The Edge of Glory - Born This Way (Bonus Track Version) and “You & I” – Yoü and I - Born This Way (Bonus Track Version)

We say goodbye to Jordan to: Greyson Chance’s “Waiting Outside the Lines” – Waiting Outside the Lines - Waiting Outside the Lines - EP

We say goodbye to Jess to: Sharif Iman’s “Shine” – Shine - Shine