Top 6 Performance Thoughts and Discussion

These are my thoughts LIVE and a space for you to jump into the discussion.

Love Christina Applegate, so glad she’s guest judging tonight. And Lil C is back! I think they’ll be great together, along with Mary and Nigel.

I got so excited when I heard that Melanie’s dancing with Twitch. And it’s hip hop, so we get to see her challenge herself. And because Lil C is on the panel tonight, I totally trust him to really critique her. And I agreed with him that there was a moment where she really picked up her game and from there on out I was all in and happy. It wasn’t nearly as gut-grabbing as Twitch’s routine with Sasha, but it was one of Melanie’s best moments – because she was out of her comfort zone and really standing toe-to-toe with one of the best All-Stars ever.

Uh oh… I don’t know about Sasha dancing with Kent. We’ll see about this…

Okay, I take it back. That was aaahhmaaaaazing. She and Kent were amazing together, great chemistry. I was impressed with how much Kent’s grown since last season, but seriously I don’t know how I even noticed him because I could barely take my eyes off Sasha. This was probably Tyce’s best choreography EVER. I was so impressed with all of them.

I have to keep going. Christina really nailed it for me when she said there are some dancers who are technically gorgeous, but she just doesn’t care and Sasha puts a finger on a wall and breaks her heart. 100% agree.

Excited to see Janette’s gonna be schooling someone in a paso doble (didn’t catch who, but it doesn’t matter, it’ll be amazing anyway).

And it was really, really good. I loved the slow, controlled build and I agree with Mary that I really loved that move where Marko swung Janette around himself, using her whole body as the cape. I also saw a few small wobbles and disconnects, but I was really impressed with Marko’s bravado and stance (even if Christina wanted him to drop it lower).

Rickey’s solo was alright. It wasn’t his best but made me remember that he’s saved himself a couple times this season with his solos. I loved his mom talking about seeing him on t.v.

Tadd’s dancing with Ellenore!!!

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVED that Sonya routine! First, I love Ellenore, who seems to be Sonya’s perfect muse. And I loved the Tadd-Ellenore combo. That reminded me of a strong-couple routine in a circus performance, which I really, really love. There was a lot poise and control on display there and so much attitude. One of my favorite Sonya routines. It did feel short, I agree with Nigel (in a weird way), because I could’ve watched that routine and those dancers for HOURS.

Caitlynn has been one of the weakest soloists this season, but I can actually see her building and executing better solos each week, especially the last few. I think tonight’s solo was her best yet – it had a lot of intention and versatility. And personality.

I think Christina was right on the money when she said that Rickey’s intentions aren’t always the clearest. Maybe that’s the thing that’s been holding him back just a bit in some of his performances. Even in this one, which was phenomenal, there was something holding him back just a bit. I can’t say it any better than Christina did. It was really good to see Jaimie back. She was wonderful.

Normally, I like Tadd’s solo’s the best as they’re fun and playful. This one was too, but I thought he spent entirely too much time on one hand there at the end.

Sasha’s solo was her best and probably the best of the season. Now THAT’S a solo. They should all be of that caliber. I think she’s lost some weight. Her ribs seem a lot more noticeable than before – or is that just me? I hope it’s not stress because I know they’re all working so hard.

I was just a TINY bit disappointed that Caitlynn was dancing with Pasha again. He really brought something out in her the first time and I love Pasha, so I wasn’t really disappointed. Plus, it was a fun and sexy routine where Caitlynn held her own. But a TINY part of me wanted to see her dance with a different All-Star. OR, Robert again. 🙂 But, she’s really impressive holding her own with Pasha. I know he’s a good partner, but she looks really good dancing with Pasha in his style, which must be tough.

Marko’s solo was really strong, as well. But Melanie blew me away with her solo. The only way I think she was stronger than Sasha is that she was demonstrating that she’d picked up different styles/moves. She danced to a dubstep song and made it jazzy/hip-hoppy in addition to lyrical. Amazing.

I really liked Sasha and Rickey’s waacking routine. I can see that they might’ve been a tiny bit too stiff and concerned with the steps, but it seems like a pose-y style to me and if I’m right, I think they were solid. Regardless, I really enjoyed their routine. It seemed so fun and I felt like I saw different sides to both of them.

The Melanie + Tadd Spencer Liff Broadway was extraordinary – best of the night. I loved every single moment about it. I loved how tight the camera got on their faces (had to since their bodies would be blocking a lot of that from us, turned away from the audience). I loved the story, the song, the dancers and the performance.

One thing I didn’t like? The way the judges talked so much about Melanie’s solo, which they’re not supposed to critique. I mean, I agree, it was amazing. The best of the night, best of the season. One of the best ever. But they shouldn’t have spent that much time talking about it and barely talking about Tadd at all. So rude.