Top 6 Results Thoughts and Discussion

I’ll be a little behind posting my thoughts tonight, at least for the moment. But, just in case, a spoiler space…

I really liked the Justin Giles Top 6 Group Routine. The movement was just unlike what we usually see. I thought it was a really good routine for the Top 6, too, with all their partnering and switching up, dancing as a group of three girls and a group of three guys in moments.

Sasha’s solo was awesome! She really threw herself and all her passion into it. Was not all that impressed with Caitlynn’s solo. I love her to death and I think she’s an amazing dancer when she’s choreographed, but her solos are always the weakest and this one was a bit frantic. Melanie’s solo was really good, but a lot more subtle than her solo last night and Sasha’s tonight. It was a little self-contained story.

The National Dance Day videos were fun, but Nigel’s extended promo for Mobbed was not. I would’ve rather seen almost anything else than waste our time with that.

Tadd’s and Marko’s solos were kinda boring, more of their usual solo styles. Marko even danced to another slow James Morrison song. Ahh! Rickey was really strong again – I wish this had been last night’s solo!

It was sweet to see LoFro and Kent re-dance Travis’s Prom routine. I don’t know that it’s my favorite Emmy-nominated dance, but it was nice to see them dance it again as All-Stars.

In fact, why couldn’t we have seen another Emmy-nominated routine instead of Nigel’s Mobbed pug?

Then, they announced next week’s All-Stars: LoFro, Robert, Mark and Joshua. Which got me all hopeful (I know, setting myself up here) that we’ll see a three-girl finale next week. I know, I know, Nigel already said the girl and guy with the lowest votes were leaving, but still…a girl can dream, right…?

I’m not surprised that Melanie is the first girl in the Top 4, but I am happy. It was sweet to see her mom and grandma in the audience, so nervous. They’re probably the only people in America that were worried she wouldn’t be in the Top 4. 🙂

Same thing with Marko’s being the first guy in the Top 4. He’s been the most popular guy all season, at least according to our polls and your comments. Right before they announced it, they showed a kinda smug-looking Tadd and then a *terrified* Marko. It was an interesting contradiction. I don’t personally think Tadd was smug, but that’s kinda how he came off at that moment (a little self-protection, probably).

It was really cool to see the big Melanie/Marko hug in the safe bullpen. The original top couple has made it through to Top 4. Unsurprising, but still really awesome. Lol.

We came back from commercial to The Bad Boys of Dance so quickly I was a bit disoriented. They were good, a lot of fun. But, even so, I would’ve rather watch more Grammy-nominated routines re-danced.

Unsurprised that Caitlynn gets cut tonight, but sad. I would’ve much rather have three girls in the finale, as I’ve said.

Also would’ve rather seen more re-danced Grammy-nominated routines than Pia Toscano. Ugh.

And also completely unsurprised that Rickey was cut tonight. At least they’re not really going anywhere, right? They’ll be in the finale next week and of course, on tour.

The winner is dance! 🙂