Mollee Gray Music Video – You Don’t Know Anything

I have to admit that I haven’t kept up on a lot of the past dancers as well as many, but tonight on Twitter I saw that Mollee Gray released a new music video with Mollee singing (and a little dancing). It’s called “You Don’t Know Anything” I did a search for it on iTunes and couldn’t find it, but I do have the music video which I’ll embed below:

I liked the song and the video was pretty well done. Shauna Noland was also in the music video, but was the only SYTYCD alumni that I could find in the list of dancers. I especially like the last sequence of the video where Mollee joins the dancers. It had some really intereing choreography.

To be honest, I didn’t know that Mollee had started a singing career. Turns out Lacey Schwimmer was singing in Las Vegas this weekend as well. I wonder how many other past SYTYCD dancers are singing as well. We should make a list.