Season 8 Finale Part 2 Thoughts and Discussion

Here are my live thoughts and a space for you to start and join in on the discussion. Spoiler space since I’ll be talking live and relatively uncensored…

Not a big fan of Sonya’s Top 20/Top 4 group routine. I wish she’d stop using District 78 songs (sorry!) because I find them really cold and unemotional and hard to relate to. The routine was really disorienting since the dancers kept coming in and out, on and off the stage. I kept thinking I spotted the All-Stars. Am I wrong about that??

As for the judges’ panel tonight, I am SO GLAD Jesse Tyler Ferguson is back and SO GLAD Katie Holmes is gone. I’ll miss Kenny Oretga, though. I’d rather have him than Robin Antin, but overall this panel is a really, really good one. It was sweet to see Mel crying during the judges’ words of advice and support, especially Sonya’s.

Seeing all 4 of them lined up together, I just wondered – is this the most ethnically diverse Top 4 we’ve had on the U.S. show? Kinda cool.

I’m glad Mary chose the “Fool of Me” routine with  Sasha and Kent. It’s one of my favorites (it’s even on my list) and I really enjoyed seeing it again. I can’t get over how strong and light they both were, but how heavy the “story” and acting was. Love it.

The Mary and Nigel “romance” segment was silly and a good chance for me to catch up on my posts. :)-

I considered Nigel’s pick, Melanie and Marko’s Nappytabs routine “I Got You,” and I really loved seeing it again. Same is true for Robin’s pick, the Mandy Moore “heist” routine with Tadd and LoFro. I almost put both of them on my favorites list. It was nice to see it again without the hat malfunction. 🙂

Cat cracked me up when there was mic/feedback issues and she said gremlins were in the studio trying to find out the finale results. 🙂 That’s why she’s Emmy-nominated.

AND, I almost picked the Miranda/Robert Nappytabs “woodpecker” routine, too. These have all been really good picks.

I DID pick Cat’s favorite – Tyce’s Top 8 circus routine. LOOOOOOOOOVED that one!! So nice to see it again, even if it wasn’t live again.

It was SO COOL to see the SYTYCD UK champ Matt Flint tap with Jess and Nick Young from this season. It made me aware of a couple of things. 1. I haven’t seen that season of SYTYCD UK and I’ll have to fix that. 2. Nick Young didn’t stay on the show nearly long enough. He should’ve had more of a shot. I agree with Nigel that that was the most exciting tap routine I’ve ever seen.

Mary made me so happy when she picked the Melanie and Neil “Total Eclipse of the Heart” routine. Even if there were a few missteps, they still have the best chemistry. I hope they get cast as Baby and Johnny in the new Dirty Dancing. 🙂

I enjoyed seeing Marko and Allison re-dance their Sonya contemporary a lot and it seemed to resonate with Marko’s life and death experience in a way I wasn’t paying attention to the first time.

Really, really loved seeing Sonay’s Top 10 Girls Geisha routine again. Sick is right. Some routines just have their own attitude and this is one of those. Lol

Not surprised that Tadd is #4. He did a phenomenal job this season and I was really glad to be reminded about how many different styles he picked up and did really well with.

Really loved watching Ashley and Chris do “Please Mr. Jailer” again. Soo good, and a good choice for Lil C.

The best part about the Glee Movie 3D segment was how Heather, Naya and Harry scared the Top 4 into thinking they’d have to sing and dance.  🙂 Also and watching Tadd interview Ryan Murphy and Melanie ask Heather about auditioning for SYTYCD.

So glad somebody chose Christopher Scott’s “Misty Blue” with Sasha and Twitch. Of course it was Nigel, but I don’t care because I got to see it again. Sooooo good, as Cat said, kinda growling. 😉 Just like Cat, “like a proper geek,” I have re-watched this routine many, many, many times. It might just be my favorite of the season.

Sonya picked Christopher Scott’s Top 10 Guys routine and I loved re-watching that. I realized Alexander had died his hair and that might’ve been why I was thinking I saw All-Stars in the opening routine. Lol. :)-

I just wish Jesse’s pick, Caitlynn’s Argentine Tango with Pasha, had been live. I know, I know, maybe Pasha wasn’t available and almost definitely there wasn’t enough time, but it was nice to see again, regardless. One of my favorites.

Soooo glad Mary picked Melanie and Marko’s first routine together, “Turn to Stone.” So good to see again, even if they weren’t painted (not enough time, I’m sure). It was ESPECIALLY good to see them come full circle and dance their first routine together as more developed dancers.

But, it kinda sucked that immediately after their dance, Sasha came up and Marko was eliminated. Sure, it’s not surprising and it was really sweet all around, but dude had to say his goodbyes standing in a toga. Not cool! Even if he wears it well. 🙂

I thought it was sweet of Nigel to thank their lighting director and director. They have done a great job. Except whoever made the decision to end last night’s episode with the boys’ stepping routine. 🙂 And I quite agree with Nigel’s comment that the “lack of memorable routines” comment is a “load of crap,” after I spent all day re-watching routines from this season. And then, of course, re-watching them tonight just now. 🙂

NOT a fan of Sonya’s District 78 Melanie/Sasha routine. Would’ve much rathered seen last night’s housewives routine, but I know it was last night, so it was pretty recent.

Oh my, here’s the big news….

MELANIE WON!!!! Oh my goodness, the girl from Marietta (like me!!!!) won Season 8!!!!