So You Think You Can Dance Renewed for 2012 (Season 9)

It was announced today that Fox has chosen to pickup up SYTYCD for another season in 2012. Here’s the tweet from Nigel:!/dizzyfeet/status/122055808623185920

That’s right, this will be So You Think You Can Dance season 9. Pretty awesome that it’s been around so long and that is was renewed after SYTYCD Canada was cancelled. While I don’t think the ratings have been as strong as they’d like, the show does have a really strong loyal following. Although, I’m not sure that we’ll get a SYTYCD season 10 in 2013 if the ratings for SYTYCD 2012 aren’t better than they were this year. The tone of Nigel’s tweet shows his excitement for the renewal which to me says renewal of SYTYCD wasn’t a sure thing. Maybe Nigel and the SYTYCD producers should take a look at some suggestions to improve SYTYCD.