SYTYCD Season 9: New York and Dallas Auditions…Discussion

I don’t know about everyone else but I am so happy that SYTYCD is back and it was a jammed packed two-hour premiere. Tonight we got to see some of the best and worst in New York and in Dallas. Tyce and Lil’ C joined Nigel and Mary tonight at the judging table. I did miss the first fifteen minutes of the show but I was reminded as always when I watch the show why I love dance. Here are some of my thoughts on the night good, bad and the absolutely precious.


I just happen to turn the show on and got to learn about “Freeman Fever”. I’m not sure when wiggling became a dance move but I may just have to blame LMFAO. Granted he had a great personality but was completely clueless. He honestly thought he just chose the wrong song…lol.

Leo Reyes was the first standout for me, he had such a moving story and happy to hear that his mom is doing well. He should be someone to watch. His style in my opinion is a mix of contemporary and hip-hop.

Chehon the ballet dancer from Switzerland was insanely good. Like Tyce said with technique like that he deserves to go to Vegas. Truthfully I really don’t see him having any issues with other styles.


Texas started off with 29-year-old mom Bree Hayfen. Her husband and kids were in the audience supporting her, and I love that Nigel brought the kids up to watch from the judges table. While Bree was dancing hearing Luke cheer his mom was great and then Nigel asking him if he gave him something would he give it to his mom. Luke walk up the stairs to the stage with the ticket to Vegas in his hand…such a cute moment when she realized what had happened. Stella her daughter obviously didn’t want to be left out so Nigel gave her a ticket to give to mom too. What happen next had to be one of the cutest things I have ever see on the show, Stella got her turn to dance.  If you ask me she stole the show. You could tell just by watching that she spent a lot of time watching her mom. If anyone missed this as soon as the video is on youtube I will post it.

The next two to take the stage were two street dancers with their own styles that worried me when they were just talking about it…Zombie and Exorcist. To my surprise both were actually good. The Exorcist (didn’t catch his name) all I can say is wow. He moves with such feeling and emotion. I’m going to have to agree with Nigel…the exorcist is a true artist and I can’t wait to see him in Vegas.

Up next the Australian ballet dancer Daniel Baker. I don’t have much to say about him other than he is an obvious favorite with the ladies.

Sam S. At first I was a bit worried till he started telling the judges about himself. This is when the show is great. Sure Sam wasn’t the best dancer but that didn’t matter. I think he may have started a new dance craze…the ocean.

Von Kipper. Cat handled herself great with this guy. I will say this he can break dance but that attitude of his was absolutely disgusting and I’m glad they sent him packing. Von is what Nigel would call a MORON.

Jarell Rochelle thankfully closed the show on a good note. Another son dancing for his mom and Nigel bringing her closer so she can see him dance. I have to say she is one proud mom.

Next week it looks like Jesse Tyler Ferguson is joining the Judges…love him. So what did you think of the NY and Dallas auditions…let us know.