SYTYCD Season 9: Los Angeles Auditions…Thoughts

Tonight’s auditions take us to Los Angeles and on of my favorite guest judges from last season Jesse Tyler Ferguson joins Mary and Nigel. I have to admit sometimes I get so wrapped up in the show I forget to take notes. It was a jammed packed two hours and plenty of talent in Los Angeles. I know that many will complain about the stories but in my opinion the stories are important to some of the dancers and how we will remember them. My suggestion is if you don’t like that stuff then don’t watch the show till we get to the live shows. Also, I think it’s really important to watch this season, so we don’t have to say goodbye to the show. Okay enough ranting and on to the dancers.

*Nigel tweeted along with the east coast, and glad he did. He did say he was watching at the Fox Studios and said they couldn’t find the right channel…lol. 

Alexa Anderson: Granted I don’t really remember her from last season but I’m glad she decided to come back. Loved that she had her hair pulled back but also thought she was a great dancer. 

“Johnny Waacks” Gibson: Cue the constant giggling from the judges, or as Nigel called it a Faux Pas Festival. I know whacking is a form of dance but it does sound so wrong. Granted not as good as Princess Lockaroo but not too shabby, but then again I really don’t know too much about whacking. 

Eliana G: When she said that she has trained with Joffrey and Ailey, two very well-known companies in the dance world, I didn’t need to see her dance to know that she was going to be good. Now the working with the silks and the pole is what caught my attention. All I can say is wow when in comes to the pole work the amount of strength that takes is insane. Needless to say she is amazing technical dancer and to be compared to Melanie is a great compliment. I hope we get to see more of her. 

The Ninja Twins Nick and James: So they are 33 and yes too old for the show and I’m sure some will complain about even showing them but I don’t care. I loved these two and they are incredibly entertaining and truthfully they need their own show. Which is something Nigel has thought of too, call me crazy but I hope it happens. It turns out they can actually dance and very thankful and humble for the opportunity that they show gave them. 

Sam Lenarz: Beautiful girl and beautiful dancer. I agreed with the judges she needs to work on her transitions. Happy to see her make it through the choreography round and I hope her family sees this and comes to their senses. 

Caley Carr: A crazy cool kind of guy who can tap. Love seeing the tap dancers on the show and was a bit disappointed he got cut. 

Megan Branch: My first thought when she started dancing was Sonya will like her. I liked her too and hope to see more of her in Vegas. 

Cole Horibe: A karate and dance fusion that I have to admit was kind of interesting. When he started listing the styles he has trained in and well I guess we will have to wait to Vegas to really know if any of it is true. 

David Matz: Sure he isn’t right for the show but I love seeing things I’ve never seen before. 

Steven Jacobsen: I have no idea what he was thinking with that first audition. Thank you Nigel for making him show what he can really do. He is the perfect example to stick to what you know in an audition. 

Jasmine and Marshae Mason: They previewed that story all night and I was relieved to see that Marshae survived that accident. Six weeks between the time of the accident and audition and he dances like that he deserves that ticket to Vegas. Jasmine his sister I loved and she reminded me of Lo Fro a little bit. 

Next week  Atlanta and well for me I’ll be in Vegas. Let us know your thoughts and any your favorites of the night.