SYTYCD Season 9: Los Angeles Auditions Thoughts

This is the ninth year that So You Think You Can Dance has visited LA on the audition tour, and you’d think after eight seasons they would have seen just about everything… truth is, not really. The talent pool is still really deep and here are my thoughts on those that were featured and heading to Vegas.

Alexa Anderson:
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She seemed to have a lot more control in her movements, but it seemed rather slow at times. The skirt was a bit of a distraction for me but it was a rather beautiful piece. A friend of mine said: “I’m calling it, she’s going to win this season” guess we’re going to have to wait and see. She’s already been through the Green Mile, so I’m expecting her to make it at least that far again.

Eliana Girard:
I really like her pointe work, but her center I’m not entirely impressed with during her audition. She has fantastic lines that really go on forever but her performance/emotion was really good, but I think that comes from some of her professional background. How far she’ll go? I’m hoping for at least the Green Mile, she seems to have enough flexibility in her background to be able to do more on the show.

Sam Lenarz:
There is a very ethereal quality to her movement that I rather like, but it seemed too much like a moving picture, something you can see but not necessarily feel or become passionate about. I could understand if she didn’t want to pour out her emotion because it would be too dark and gloomy considering her background, but there are ways to turn that into more passionate energy… and that I would love to see her do. I didn’t agree with her having to go through the choreography round as opposed to going straight to Vegas, but in the end she’s in Vegas.

Megan Branch:
This is a very interesting routine, I like it enough, she has good technique and power of movement. But it doesn’t necessarily appeal to me nearly as much as others have. This is another that I didn’t agree with going straight through to Vegas. Or rather… if Sam had to go through choreography then to me Megan wasn’t much better, but ah well.

Cole Horibe:
– Staff Member of 24-VII Danceforce
Martial Arts dancing… I LOVE HIM. End of story. Such power, focus, and he has found a way to tie dance into martial arts and vice-versa. He creates stories as opposed to just dancing. I really can’t wait to see how he would fare during the Vegas Callbacks

Stephen Jacobson:
Cincinnati Ballet Profile
His first audition was funny, but really? REALLY? He needs to stick with what he does well. Hell his last minute 2nd audition was so much better than his 1st audition that he semi-choreographed. Oye. And really the moment he started dancing ballet there was no question he was going straight through to Vegas. My favorite part of his audition? When he went up to get his ticket to Vegas, Nigel made as if to kick him in the ass. 🙂

Jasmine Mason:
– Works at Dance Precisions
I am not really a big fan of jazz dancing in general, but for some reason I liked Jasmine… there is a maturity to her dancing despite her youth.

Marshea Kidd:
– Works at Dance Precisions
After hearing his story all episode I am glad that he was able to come back and dance as he did. There is a fluidity and lightness to his movement that I really loved to see. Considering that the LA Auditions actually happened in early-March and Vegas Callbacks happened in early-April, I am kind of curious to see what happened in Vegas Callbacks for Marshea.