SPOILERS!!! SYTYCD Season 9 Las Vegas Callbacks

OMGDance, who are known for their consistent spoilers particularly via Vegas Callbacks have posted a list of dancers that have made it to Vegas Callbacks but have been cut prior to the Green Mile as well as a list of dancers that have possibly made it to the Green Mile. No Top 20 here, as dancers were probably still waiting for the call from producers for that particular piece of info. Keep in mind that this post was originally created back on June 6th.

IdolForums has also been known to be fairly consistent with their spoilers and someone even posted a list of the Top 15 guys and Top 15 girls from the end of Vegas Callbacks.

After the break when you compare the two lists you can see that there are some plausible discrepancies since these are indeed spoilers and rumors of the kind we won’t actually know who is in the Top 30 before the Green Mile / Meet the Top 20 episode coming next week. So please take the following lists with a grain of salt… I’ll post my thoughts about the show tomorrow.

Spoilers after the break:

From OMGDance
Dancers who went to Vegas (and may have been cut) this year:
Adrian Lee
Marshea Kidd
Teddy Tedholm
Aimee Ferguson
Chehon Wespi-Tschopp
Jennelle Estes
Meghan Sannett
Michael Kemp
Michael Berry
Dra’Shawn Young
Christian Beasly
Andrew Winghart
Natalia Mallory
Pete Simpson
Novien Yarber
Whitney Carson
Arielle Coker
Joanna Gomez
Sam Lenarz

Dancers who made it through the entire Vegas week:
Jasmine Mason
Kaitlynn Edgar
Alexa Anderson
Tiffany Maher
Amelia Lowe
Audrey Case
Josh Alexander
William Harris
Daniel Gaymon
Daniel Baker
Janelle Issis
George Lawrence II

From IDOLForums
Top 15 Girls
1. Jasmine Mason (Contemporary/Jazz)
2. Kaitlynn Edgar (Contemporary)
3. Alexa Anderson (Contemporary)
4. Tiffany Maher (Contemporary/Jazz)
5. Amelia Lowe (Contemporary)
6. Audrey Case (Contemporary/Jazz)
7. Witney Carson (Latin Ballroom)
8. Lindsay Arnold (Latin Ballroom)
9. Eliana Girard (Contemporary/Ballet)
10. Megan Branch (Contemporary/Jazz)
11. Janelle Issis (Belly dance)
12. Abigail Cruz (Jazz)
13. Amber Jackson (Contemporary)
14. Rebecca Anne Hart (Contemporary)
15. Katie Muth (Contemporary)

Top 15 Guys
1. Joshua Alexander (Contemporary)
2. Daniel Baker (Contemporary/Ballet)
3. George Lawrence II (Contemporary)
4. Will Thomas (???)
5. Danny Kermidas (Contemporary?)
6. Chehon Wespi-Tschopp (Contemporary/Ballet)
7. Cole Horibe (Martial Arts)
8. Cyrus “Glitch” Spencer (Hip Hop)
9. Matthew Kazmierczak (Contemporary)
10. Nick Bloxsom-Carter (Ballroom)
11. Blake Zelesnikar (Contemporary?)
12. Zack Everhart (Tap)
13. Brandon Mitchell (???)
14. Daniel Gaymon (Contemporary?)
15. William Harris